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Tiffanie Brunson

Content Writer

Location icon United States

I've been fortunate to work on a lot of fun projects in the past (and hopefully in the future). I work in digital marketing at a small agency in Orlando, FL where I live with my sister and two cats, Finn and Oslo.

I love art in many forms and am passionate about using those them to tell stories.

Concert Review: LANY

"Can I call you Tiff?" he said with a thick Australian accent as I slid his cortado across the coffee bar toward him. "You can call me anything you want in that accent," I thought to myself and somehow managed not to say out loud.

The Bathroom Problem

I thought my bladder was going to explode. I bounced up and down while looking at the cheesy, ambiguously ethnic paintings that adorned the walls but nothing was working. I had four glasses of water and the woman in the single-stall lavatory didn't seem to be coming out any time soon.

Poetry: Art or Artifact?

I always thought poetry was boring and obscure. Elizabethan language is hard enough to understand without being shrouded in metaphors and double meaning. And who has the time to stop, think and reread the same lines over and over again?

What I Learned from a Year of Not Having It All Together for Relevant Magazine

In 2015, I was the stereotypical millennial: I held three random part-time jobs and posted everything on the Internet. I had dropped out of school two years before for a job that I thought would be my career, and I had no idea what I was doing or what trajectory I wanted to be on.

A Guide to Being Single on Valentine's Day for Relevant Magazine

"Wow, thanks," I feigned as I tried to hide the expression of confusion on my face. It was Valentine's Day of 2011, and my boyfriend of five years was on a tight budget because he was purchasing a house. This led to my boyfriend-my tender-hearted, well-intentioned, horribly misguided boyfriend-to b

Being a Single Christian Girl Doesn't Have To Be So Awkward

Much like me, being a single woman in the Church can be awkward. I've been a Christian for my entire adult life and single for the past five years. And for those five years, I couldn't even begin to guess how many times I've been hinted at or just straight-up told that I should be dating or married.