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Culture In Theory
How to Go Shopping

We are 19 days into Fall and just like a new year, most have been saying "It's time for a new you." One thing that most people struggle with and find hard is how to shop for yourself.

Culture In Theory
Racial Diversity in the Fashion Industry

When asked about why fashion shows consist of mainly white models, designers replied with something along the lines of, "it's not about the model's skin colour, but their body, face, attitude and aesthetic of the designer."

Inexpensive Chic
Discover Your Style

What makes great style? Being yourself. With this, you'll learn new ways to develop or improve your distinct look.


The Chronicle
Fashion forward: This fall's fashion

Fashion Month is always full of surprising moments. Canadians have had it with this year’s enduring winter season and are ready to welcome warmer temperatures.


The Pure Candle
Healing with Aromatherapy

Who doesn't love a bit of aromatherapy? It's an art, but also a science. It's the practice of natural oils extracted from flowers and leaves to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

Luevo Inc.
World MasterCard Fashion Week Runway Trends

The busy streets of Toronto have been full of stylish fashion lovers and they've all come together to admire the beautiful designs of some of Canada's greatest talent.

Luevo Inc.
Florals for Spring and Summer

The saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. As the days get warmer, get ready to start seeing more florals.


Pretty Living Magazine - The Bohemian Issue
The Vagabond Queen

A rockstar, blogger, and jewelry designer wrapped into one. Danielle Barbe is The Vagabond Queen.

ATLAS Magazine - The Dark Issue (Volume 1, Issue 4)
The difference between style & fashion

Fashion is cyclical. It says in Vogue for a limited amount of time until it is replaced by another up-and-coming trend.

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