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I'm an automotive enthusiast who writes all types of content for clients in the automotive industry. From content marketing like blogs to newsletters or website copy, if it's automotive, I want to write about it.

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Cost to Replace a Radiator (2022) | ConsumerAffairs

BMW and Toyota Your radiator is the backbone of your car's cooling system. A broken radiator means you won't be going anywhere fast - unless you want to do serious damage to your engine. To help you set expectations for how much radiator repair or replacement may cost you, we got quotes from five different mechanics around the country.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car? (2022) | ConsumerAffairs

The cost to ship a vehicle ranges anywhere from 53 cents per mile to more than $2.30 per mile depending on several factors, including the: Time of year Weather Distance Type of service requested (open or closed) Delivery time frame (rush or standard) Size of the vehicle being shipped (larger vehicles take up more room on the carrier and cost more) To help you understand the cost of auto transport, we've gathered quotes from some of the leading auto carrier companies in the United States and...

Xtreme Xperience
GT500, We'll Always Love You - Xtreme Xperience

First, let's set the scene. Tire smoke and burnt rubber fill the air as a hulking monster drifts its way from corner to corner. The supercharger howls and a massive V8 is barking and screaming away.

Velocity Restorations
A Rugged Companion: The Classic Ford Bronco Ranger Edition

Suddenly, Americans could buy an affordable vehicle that was designed to explore the deepest parts of our country's natural treasures on the weekend, and then drive to work on Monday morning in the same vehicle.

CBT Automotive Network
How to sell the latest in-vehicle technology to car buyers

Modern vehicles are loaded with advanced technology designed to provide enhanced safety, performance, and entertainment options for new car buyers. According to , new car buyers are looking for advanced features, such as active safety technology, along with more creature comforts, such as heated seats and larger infotainment or driver information system displays.

Old Bike Barn
The History of the Yamaha VMAX

Sure, you may have heard of the muscle car wars of the 1960s but what about the muscle bike wars of the 1980s? That's right! Here in America, the 1980s were significant for many reasons (some that we shouldn't be so proud of) and the decade of excess and innovation spawned some fascinating creations in both the automotive and the motorcycle world.

Cash Cars Buyer
Failed Emissions Test: Now What

This blog is an SEO heavy piece that is designed to give repair advice to people who are having trouble passing their emissions test.

Vogue Tyre
Vogue Tyre In The 2000s

This piece is designed to showcase the resiliency of a hundred + year old company that weathered an incredibly challenging time in our history.

Steeda Performance Products
Mustang SVO: Everything You Need To Know

This blog is designed to showcase the incredible Mustang SVO for Steeda Performance Products. Steeda is a large, aftermarket company that built a reputation on fast Mustangs, so this is their bread and butter.