Nate Barton

Executive Editor of Pepperdine Graphic Media

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I am a journalist and graphic designer whose published works in Turkey and the United States focus on international relations, the humanities, entertainment, and religion.

Turkey expands African influence with outside help

Turkish and Somali officials attend a groundbreaking ceremony in Mogadishu. (Photo: Cihan) A hospital in Uganda. A road in Somalia. Justice and Development Party (AK Party) voices tout huge increases in foreign aid as proof of political benevolence and economic prosperity.

Peace in a polarized world

Israeli President Shimon Peres, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I plant an olive tree saplings as a gesture of peace after a prayer meeting at the Vatican on June 8. (Photo: Reuters, Max Rossi) There are more ballots in the world today than any time in human history.

It's getting Chile in here

Split by the Mid-Atlantic ridge, Chile and Turkey have little in common. But in the search for a more democratic Turkey, the South American nation may be a star to follow. Varying in language, geography, politics, religion and history, Turkey and Chile rarely slap hands in the halls of global politics.

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