The Knife of Aristotle

The Knife of Aristotle – Accuracy-Focused Online News Organization

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The Knife of Aristotle understands that the misrepresentation of information, not to mention intentional or unintentional political slant and spin, are rampant in the modern media. Employing a methodical, scientific system to distill recent global events down to their essential raw facts, this online organization provides news summaries to its readership on a subscription basis. The Knife of Aristotle also rates the articles of various leading news outlets according to accuracy.

The company strives to give readers unadulterated truth in three ways. First, it creates summaries that break global news stories down to their basic facts. Second, it provides a critical examination of the ways in which the media report daily events. And third, it publishes ratings of various leading news articles that reveal the ways in which these articles distort reality. A subscription provides readers with the raw facts of recent breaking news stories and offers micro-summaries of important events occurring globally and in local areas.

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