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Foreign correspondent based in China, Japan, France for 18 years.

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Foreign correspondent and business reporter for Reuters, Los Angeles Times, Forbes and Associated Press based in China, New York, Detroit, Silicon Valley; political, diplomatic and general news reporter in Tokyo, Paris, New York/United Nations and Beijing; multimedia storyteller; international and local news editor, copy and headline writer.

By Terril Jones -- AP
Tiananmen: When China shifted from solidarity to stability

CLAREMONT, Calif. - The young woman lay on a mat in the concrete hallway of a Beijing hospital on June 4, 1989. She weakly held up an X-ray showing a bullet in her shoulder. Knowing I was a journalist, she whispered something I had heard numerous times in the previous three weeks: "Report the truth."

By Terril Yue Jones - Nikkei Asian Review
Pricey Apple gadgets face uphill battle in Asia against cheaper rivals

CLAREMONT, Calif. -- The launch of new, larger iPhones, the versatile Apple Watch and wireless Apple Pay system will attract more users to Apple's universe of gadgets and apps, but the world's most highly valued company still has an uphill climb ahead in Asia.

By Terril Yue Jones
Global Pomona - International Students Make a Mark on Pomona College

Yi Li '16 is a blur, juggling classes, mentoring new international students, producing the sophomore class newsletter she founded, attending Oldenborg Center language tables. The second-year student from China has also served this year as sophomore class president and treasurer of the five-college Chinese Drama Society and is helping to produce a website and an informational video for the International Student Mentoring Program.

By Terril Yue Jones - Nikkei Asian Review 02/13/2014
Microsoft's new CEO faces challenges inside and out

CLAREMONT, Calif. -- Satya Nadella is only Microsoft's third chief executive ever, but he looks to be a significantly different leader for the software giant than founder Bill Gates or sales specialist Steve Ballmer. A native of India, Nadella trained and worked as a computer science technologist and comes to Microsoft's top spot at a time of uncertainty in its mobile and tablet divisions.

Radio Interview - The Hidden Effects of Japan's Tsunami and Quake

The threat of nuclear disaster, the stories of missing loved ones, and the struggle to get relief to those stranded are all part of Japan's post-quake reality. As the country begins to recover, food supplies are threatened and questions loom over long term health effects of radiation in and around Fukushima prefecture.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
High-wire walker mourns World Trade Center towers

Stunt: Philippe Petit drew attention and affection to the World Trade Center by walking a tightrope between the buildings in 1974. Twenty-seven years ago, tens of thousands of people watched, shocked and transfixed, as Philippe Petit pulled off the performance of his lifetime. On Sept.

--- 25 YEARS OF TIANANMEN STORIES 1989-2014 ---

Duke University, "Rethinking Global Cities"
Beijing: a city in flux

Professor Gennifer Weisenfeld sits down with Terril Jones to talk about his experiences in Beijing. Jones is a longtime foreign and business correspondent who has lived and traveled through Asia since the 1970s. Jones was in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 Student Protest and his photography adds a different perspective to the protest.

Tiananmen Square at 25

A day after the People's Liberation Army stormed into central Beijing on June 4, 1989 and retook Tiananmen Square from protesters who had occupied the vast plaza for much of the previous six weeks, I stood outside the Beijing Hotel just east of the Square.

By James Pomfret and Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Thousands remember Tiananmen as China tightens security on 24th Anniversary

HONG KONG / BEIJING (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of people held a candlelit vigil in a rain-soaked Hong Kong park on Tuesday to urge China to respect human rights on the 24th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

By Terril Yue Jones - Pomona College Magazine
Terril Jones's photo offers a new view of history. But why hold onto it for two decades?

Tank Man Terril Jones's photo of the Tiananmen "Tank Man" offers a new view of history. But why hold onto it for two decades? By Terril Jones '80 SOMETIMES WE DO THINGS-or don't do things-that we can't easily explain. This summer I've been mulling over how I sat on, without publishing or publicizing, a remarkable photograph for two decades ...

Terril Yue Jones --------- in The New York Times
Behind the Scenes: A New Angle on History

Four months later, in Pomona College Magazine, Terril Jones reflected on the extraordinary attention that greeted this photograph when it was published on the Lens blog. He also gave a much richer account of the events surrounding it, concluding: All this has led me to reassess what the photo tells us.

By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
Chinese Dissidents Meet in Paris to Revitalize Movement

PARIS (AP) _ Leading Chinese dissidents who escaped abroad after China's 1989 crackdown on democracy began a weeklong conference Tuesday to revitalize the movement. About 40 student leaders and activists from eight countries are attending.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China's Democracy Movement Founders In Exile

PARIS (AP) - China's pro-democracy movement, which seized the hearts and attention of the world a year and a half ago at Tiananmen Square, is faltering. Internal squabbling, China's re-establishment in the world community and the international media's preoccupation with Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf have nudged democracy activists out of the headlines.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Half a World From Home, Chinese Dissidents Press for Reform

PARIS (AP) _ Half a world away from home, where gunfire and bloodshed shocked the world a year ago, a small group of Chinese exiles works to reform the political system that forced them to flee. The world headquarters for the Federation for a Democratic China is a small office in a quiet, picturesque Paris neighborhood.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Japan Keeping Ban on High-Level Contacts With China

TOKYO (AP) _ Japan will continue avoiding high-level contacts with China in the wake of the June killing of pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing, the government's top spokeswoman said Monday. Japan will watch developments in China cautiously while maintaining its freeze on massive loans to the Communist government, Chief Cabinet Secretary Mayumi Moriyama said after talks between Japanese leaders and U.S.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China Expels Another American Reporter

BEIJING (AP) _ Chinese authorities today ordered the expulsion of another American reporter, the fourth U.S. journalist told to leave the country since last month. Mark Hopkins, correspondent for the U.S. government-run Voice of America radio network, was given 72 hours to leave China, VOA Director Richard W.

By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
Deng Retires from Last Official Post, Replaced By Protege

(AP) _ Senior leader Deng Xiaoping today resigned from his last Communist Party post, as head of the powerful military commission, and cleared the way for his chosen successor to assume undisputed power. Deng, 85, was replaced by the protege, 63-year-old Communist Party chief Jiang Zemin as head of the Central Military Commission.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China Intensifies Assault on United States

BEIJNG (AP) _ China intensified its assault on Washington today, saying the United States has repeatedly violated the human rights of its own people and therefore has no right to criticize China's handling of demonstrators.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Americans Celebrate Low-Key 1989 Independence Day in Beijing

BEIJING (AP) _ Americans in Beijing celebrated an early Fourth of July on Saturday with a barbecue and imported beer but without the street dances and rock music that characterized previous years' bashes. Only about 200 people showed up for the cookout on the patio of one of the three U.S. diplomatic compounds in Beijing's main diplomatic sector.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
U.S. Files Protest Over Alleged Shooting Into Diplomatic Quarters

BEIJING (AP) _ The U.S. Embassy filed a protest with the Chinese government Monday alleging soldiers deliberately fired semiautomatic rifles into American diplomats' apartments last month. China denied the charge. Eleven apartments in a diplomatic compound were struck by bullets June 7, according to a U.S. Embassy report obtained by The Associated Press.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Tiananmen Square Re-Opens to Tourists

BEIJING (AP) _ Tiananmen Square re-opened to the public Saturday, nearly four weeks after army tanks rolled into the vast grounds in a bloody suppression of China's pro-democracy movement. Hundreds of people who had obtained special permission filed through the square in orderly lines, gazing at the Forbidden City's Gate of Heavenly Peace and the few soldiers who patrol the square.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Tiananmen Square Re-Opens to Public for First Time Since Crackdown

(AP) _ Tiananmen Square re-opened to the public today, almost four weeks after army tanks stormed the grounds in a violent suppression of China's pro- democracy movement. Hundreds of people who had obtained special permission filed through the vast square in orderly lines, peering first at the Forbidden City's Gate of Heavenly Peace and then at the few soldiers who patroled the square.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Student Activist Says Crackdown Crushed Spirit

(AP) _ A student involved in China's crushed democracy movement looked out over Tiananmen Square on Sunday and mourned what he said was the death of his generation's campaign for a freer society.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Student Activist Says Crackdown Crushed Spirit

BEIJING (AP) _ A student involved in China's crushed democracy movement looked out over Tiananmen Square on Sunday and mourned what he said was the death of his generation's campaign for a freer society.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Zhao Loses Last Post in Purge

BEIJING (AP) _ China today completed its purge of disgraced former Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang, removing him from his last government post for what senior leader Deng Xiaoping called ''serious mistakes.'' Zhao, who sympathized with students seeking democratic reforms, was ousted as vice chairman of the State Central Military Commission by the Chinese legislature.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Government Using Slain Soldiers in Propaganda Blitz

BEIJING (AP) _ The government is increasingly portraying soldiers who helped crush the pro-democracy movement as heroes and martyrs, focusing heavily on grisly descriptions and grieving families. China's hard-line leadership has been using state-controlled media to encourage sympathy for the military by focusing on gruesome instances in which soldiers were slain or wounded.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Turmoil Dampens, But Doesn't Douse, Shanghai's Ebullient Nightlife

SHANGHAI, China (AP) _ As dusk settles on the tree-lined streets of China's largest city, the neon lights flicker cheerfully. Nationwide unrest has quieted but not silenced night life in Shanghai, famed for its song-and-dance halls, all-night restaurants and cozy bars.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Eight Condemned, Thousands of Children Attend Service at Tiananmen

BEIJING (AP) _ Eight people were sentenced to death Saturday for allegedly beating soldiers and burning vehicles when troops took over Tiananmen Square at the start of the crackdown on the pro-democracy movement. The government also said two men were captured after they fired at soldiers guarding a bridge early Saturday.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Violence in Chengdu Cost Up to 30 Lives, Witnesses Say

CHENGDU, China (AP) _ When Beijing's night of blood and fire had ended, witnesses said police with clubs attacked people gathered at a huge statue of Mao in Chengdu, 1,000 miles away, starting riots that spread through the city.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
A Sudden Rush in China For U.S. Visas

SHANGHAI, China (AP) - Chinese seeking to join spouses in the United States besieged the U.S. Consulate here yesterday for visas, and many were turned away because of a limited number of applications. The United States reopened its visa offices at its consulate in Shanghai and at its embassy in Beijing after closing them following the military crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators June 3 and 4.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Police in Shanghai Briefly Detain U.S. TV Crew

SHANGHAI, China (AP) _ Police in Shanghai detained a crew from ABC News as it tried to photograph a family watching China's evening TV news, a correspondent for the U.S. network said Tuesday. ''It was like a scene from a bad Gestapo movie,'' said ABC News correspondent Mark Litke.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Shanghai Protests Cease, Scores of Arrests Reported

SHANGHAI, China (AP) _ Authorities have effectively snuffed out the student-led democracy movement in China's largest city through a campaign of intimidation and arrests, protest supporters said Monday. The last symbol of the popular uprising, an 8-foot model of the Statue of Liberty that had been paraded around the streets last month, was torn down Monday at the direction of the city government.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Arrests, Government Warnings Keep China's Largest City Under Control

SHANGHAI, China (AP) _ Millions of bicycles clog cratered streets, electric trolleys lumber down tree-shaded avenues and dim neon signs flicker above hole-in-the-wall bars. Shanghai grinds on after authorities made some arrests and issued warnings of tougher action aimed at preventing China's largest city from becoming the new focal point for the pro-democracy movement crushed in Beijing last week.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
U.S. Ambassador to China Promises to Get Americans Out

BEIJING (AP) _ U.S. Ambassador James Lilley promised Thursday his embassy will get all Americans who want to leave out of the Chinese capital. ''Starting from June 3, we were running very high risks staying here,'' he told a news conference at the airport.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Embassies Arrange Evacuation of Dependents, Nationals

BEIJING (AP) _ Foreign embassies were arranging special flights Wednesday to evacuate the families of diplomats and other nationals from China, which the French foreign minister said was ''on the verge of civil war.'' The U.S. Embassy ordered dependents of its diplomats to leave the country.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Food, Work and Transportation Grow Scarce Amid Chaos

BEIJING (AP) _ The army's attack on pro-democracy demonstrators has thrown the Chinese capital into chaos. Most public transportation is suspended, soldiers patrol the streets and food shortages are developing. The army's unexpectedly brutal attacks on students and their sympathizers during the weekend, and soldiers' continuing rampage through the streets of Beijing, have disrupted normal life.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
URGENT - Chinese Troops Fire Tear Gas, Beat Student Protesters

BEIJING (AP) _ Chinese riot police fired tear gas Saturday on crowds near Tiananmen Square in a renewed attack against pro-democracy students occupying the central square. Witnesses also reported at least 30 people were beaten by police outside the Beijing Hotel.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Beijing Issues New Press Restrictions On Protest Coverage

BEIJING (AP) _ City leaders today expanded martial law restrictions on reporting by foreign correspondents, saying they may not cover student protesters and that news coverage in Beijing must receive prior approval. In a stern warning, city spokesman Ding Weijun also said foreign reporters may not invite Chinese citizens to their offices, residences or hotels ''for interviews on activities prohibited'' under martial law.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Students Sing, Dance the Nights Away at Tiananmen

BEIJING (AP) _ Tiananmen Square, a raucous rallying point for students demanding democratic rights by day, at night becomes a carnival ground of concerts, dancing and exotic food. While thousands of students camped out on the square doze in rickety huts, night owls sing folk songs and dance to tinny sounds from portable cassette players.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Students Not Deterred by Zhao's Reported Ouster

BEIIJING (AP) _ Students camped out in Beijing's central square tried to gauge the shifting political winds Friday but said their protest would continue no matter who runs the country. Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang, the leader most sympathetic to the demonstrators' demands, was reported to have been ousted and placed under house arrest in a power struggle with Premier Li Peng.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Chinese Thirst for Reliable News Amid Rumors

BEIJING (AP) _ As rumors about resignations and troop movements fly throughout Beijing, Chinese are searching for a rare commodity: reliable information. Rumors have been rife since the students began their occupation of Tiananmen Square on May 13, calling for democratic reforms, press freedom and an end to corruption.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Military Leaders Refuse to Attack; Students Consider Ending Occupation

BEIJING (AP) _ More than 100 military leaders said Monday they will not order their men to confront or suppress the masses of people who seized control of the capital to demand democratic reform. Student leaders on Tuesday considered ending their 10-day occupation of Tiananmen Square.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Protesters Create Slogans, Chants Against Deng

BEIJING (AP) _ The biggest cheers for slogans being chanted at massive pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing go to those calling for senior leader Deng Xiaoping to step down. But all the sloganeers are striving for clever verses and catchy rhythms to make their point.


By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Move over Bordeaux: French premium winemakers eye China vintage

In three far-flung provinces, a world away from Beijing's allegations of European wine dumping, makers of such lofty French brands as Chateau Lafite-Rothschild and Dom Perignon champagne are investing millions of dollars to produce vintages they hope will put Chinese wine on the world map.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Two bronze animal heads, stolen 153 years ago, returned to China

Credit: Reuters/Regis Duvignau/Files Christie's auctions a bronze rat head made for the Zodiac fountain of the Emperor Qianlong's Summer Palace in China from the private art collection of late French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris in this February 25, 2009 file photo.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Amid China's Boom, Fake Wines Proliferate

BEIJING (Reuters) - Bruno Paumard, the cellar master at a vineyard in China, cannot stop laughing while describing a bottle of supposedly French wine a friend gave him two years ago. It was white wine with a label proclaiming it was from the vineyards of Romanée-Conti; the bottle bore the logo that is on bottles of Château Lafite-Rothschild, declaring its origin as Montpellier in southern France.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
In China, fake European wine more worrying than tariffs

Bruno Paumard, the cellar master at a vineyard in China, can't stop laughing while describing a bottle of supposedly French wine a friend gave him two years ago. It's white wine, with a label proclaiming it is from the vineyards of Romanee-Conti, the bottle bearing the logo that is on bottles of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, and declares its origin as Montpellier in southern France. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, better known for highly prized and highly priced vintages from France's Burgundy...

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China hits back at EU wine over solar panel duties

BEIJING, June 5 (Reuters) - China hit back at European wine exports on Wednesday in response to the European Union's decision to impose duties on imports of Chinese solar panels, as tensions increased between two of the world's biggest trading blocs.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China warns U.N. against 'irresponsible remarks' on North Koreans

Credit: Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji 1 of 2. Pedestrians walk past a man holding a sign with a picture of who he says are North Korean defectors, who according to a human rights group were sent back to China last week from Laos after trying to cross the border, in central Seoul June 3, 2013.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
North Korea says will take 'positive steps' for peace

Choe Ryong-hae, a special envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, met Chinese officials, including President Xi Jinping, in the highest-ranking visit by an official from Pyongyang in about six months. But Choe made no new offer to abandon the North Korea's nuclear program.

US signs $200 mln ginseng export deal with China

By Terril Yue Jones BEIJING, April 11 (Reuters) - It is a small bite, but the U.S. state of Wisconsin made a dent in the yawning American trade deficit with China, signing a 10-year deal on Monday to export $200 million of ginseng to China.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China dissident's brother says home attacked nightly with dead poultry, bottles

Chen Guangfu, the eldest brother of blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, shows how he had his hands tied behind a chair as he recounts the details of his torture and the authorities' reprisals against his family after Chen Guangcheng's flight to the U.S., in Beijing in this May 23, 2012 file picture.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China trying to manage exposure of corruption online

Liu Tienan, then head of the National Energy Administration and deputy chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), attends a news conference about Spring Festival transport in Beijing in this January 8, 2012 file photograph.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China Cracks Down On Online Criticism

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Internet is brimming with disclosures of officials collecting bribes, homes and luxury accessories as casually as they do mistresses. But while the government tolerates such anti-corruption vigilantism, it is also extremely leery of the threat the Internet can pose to Communist Party rule.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Chinese military cracks down on license plates and corruption

Credit: Reuters/Stringer Officers of China's navy pose for photographs with the new (L) and old military car licence plates, in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province April 28, 2013. China's new leadership is seeking to dismantle a system of privilege which has allowed the drivers of military vehicles to do as they please on the roads.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
U.S. hopeful of strong Chinese action on North Korea

BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States is optimistic China will take strong action against North Korea by increasing scrutiny of financial transactions with Pyongyang that could contravene fresh U.N. sanctions, a senior U.S. official said on Friday.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China working on persuading North Korea: U.S. officer

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey speaks during a press briefing with Chief of the general staff of China's People's Liberation Army Fang Fenghui (not pictured) at the Bayi Building in Beijing April 22, 2013. China is North Korea's main diplomatic and financial backer and fought alongside the North in the 1950-53 Korean War.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
In China, U.S. top military officer defends U.S. pivot to Asia

Credit: Reuters/Andy Wong/Pool 1 of 3. U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey speaks during a press briefing with Chief of the general staff of China's People's Liberation Army Fang Fenghui (not pictured) at the Bayi Building in Beijing April 22, 2013.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China to send first aircraft carrier on high seas voyage: Xinhua

The Liaoning, purchased used from Ukraine and refurbished in China, has conducted more than 100 exercises and experiments since it was commissioned last year, Xinhua said. Although considered decades behind U.S. technology, the Liaoning represents the Chinese navy's blue-water ambitions and has been the focus of a campaign to stir patriotism.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China's Internet abuzz about presidential taxi ride that wasn't

Credit: Reuters/Goh Chai Hin/Pool Chinese President Xi Jinping attends a meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing April 12, 2013. Many Chinese news portals, which had carried the story, removed it, including the website of the newspaper that wrote the original piece.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Chinese media urge action on air pollution

Students do body exercise during class break in a classroom building on a foggy day in Jinan, Shandong province, January 14, 2013. Heavy fog enveloped a large swathe of east and central China, with the city's residents being advised to stay indoors to avoid the heavily polluted air, Xinhua News Agency reported.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China says Obama win offers opportunity to mend ties

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's official media said on Thursday that ties with the United States were uneven in President Barack Obama's first term and mutual trust was "whittled down", but his re-election offered an opportunity to put the relationship back on track.

By Kiyoshi Takenaka and Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China carrier a show of force as Japan tension festers

TOKYO/BEIJING (Reuters) - China sent its first aircraft carrier into formal service on Tuesday amid a tense maritime dispute with Japan in a show of force that could worry its neighbours. China's Ministry of Defence said the newly named Liaoning aircraft carrier would "raise the overall operational strength of the Chinese navy" and help Beijing to "effectively protect national sovereignty, security and development interests".

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Reuters Magazine: The Made-in-China CEO

CHANGSHA, China (Reuters) - Zhang Yue fondly caresses the blueprints as he slowly flips through them, occasionally pausing to stare at a drawing as he explains his new project. The plan seems impossibly ambitious: build a 220-story building, the tallest in the world, in just four months by using the rapid-construction techniques his company has developed.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
China's Red Ants welcome at RV picnic

BEIJING (Reuters) - Dong Xuemin can't wait for weekends when he heads out with family or friends to the mountains north of Beijing or to a lake for a picnic. Dong is a "Red Ant" - a member of a club of urban Chinese who'll find any excuse to hit the road, not in ordinary cars, but in recreational vehicles, those quintessential Western chariots of leisure transportation.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Wal-Mart's China woes began with phone call, then snowballed

Credit: Reuters/Stringer Employees stand in front of the gate to a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Chongqing municipality October 24, 2011. By the time the dust had settled, officials in Chongqing in central China had raided and shut the U.S. firm's 13 stores here for violating food standards by selling regular pork as more expensive organic meat.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Police kill 4 after blasts, attacks in China's west

BEIJING (Reuters) - Four suspects were caught and four others were being sought in the latest violence in Kashgar, in a region long beset by anti-Chinese sentiment from the native Uighur population. Local sources had earlier said three people were killed on Sunday in an explosion, but witnesses reported that the three were hacked to death by the attackers, Xinhua said.

UPDATE 2-Alibaba launches smartphone running its Cloud OS

Launches mobile operating system and smartphone * Tablet using Alibaba's OS to launch in China this year * Looks to diversify away from core business of e-commerce (Adds details, quotes) By Terril Yue Jones BEIJING, July 28 (Reuters) - Alibaba Group launched its first self-developed mobile operating system and smartphone on Thursday in a bid to capture a slice of China's rapidly growing mobile Internet market.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Xinmao-Draka Cable Bid Puts Tianjin Suburb On The Map

TIANJIN, China (Reuters) – Traffic weaves lazily through a Chinese industrial park lined with imposing buildings – home to the company that is outbidding the world's top two cable companies for Dutch industry player Draka. Before its audacious cash bid, which trumps an agreed takeover by Italy's Prysmian, Xinmao was little known abroad – or in most of China for that matter.

By Terril Yue Jones - Knight-Wallace Journal
You Can Tell The Difference, Even At Night

I used to take “Jichang Lu,” or “Airport Road,” from Beijing’s International Airport into the Chinese capital in the mid- and late-1980s. It was more of a tree-lined country lane, with room for only one car going each direction. Today the way in from Capital Airport is a multi-lane freeway, and instead of trees and fields, the entire route is lined with building after building.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Kenneth Lieberthal: China Reconsidered

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - As the National Security Council's senior director for Asia during the last two-and-a-half years of the Clinton administration, Kenneth Lieberthal helped shape U.S. policy toward Asia, especially toward China and Taiwan--countries with a long history of volatile relations.

Mao's brew

MAO TOASTED WITH IT. In 1957 Zhou Enlai anointed it China's state banquet beer. Established in 1915, Five Star beer is an old standard in China, but just about unknown beyond its borders. Jack Perkowski hopes to change that. A Beijing-based American entrepreneur, Perkowski runs Asian Strategic Investments Corp.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Waiters Grill Industry Conditions

Labor: New York state sues large Chinatown restaurant in dispute over alleged tip skimming and back wages. A settlement is expected within a month. NEW YORK - There's a festive look to Jing Fong, the biggest restaurant in New York's Chinatown. Red drapes and lanterns line its huge, 1,000-seat dining room.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China Assails Japan over Disputed Islands

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ The Chinese foreign minister told his Japanese counterpart Tuesday that Japanese rightists had violated Chinese sovereignty by building a lighthouse on a tiny disputed island in the East China Sea. ``China considers this Chinese territory,'' Qian Qichen said in his first meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Yukihiko Ikeda, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Cui Tiankai.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Communist Party Gives Resounding Rejection to Private Ownership

BEIJING (AP) _ China's Communist Party has issued a resounding rejection of private ownership, saying public ownership has become ''an irreversible trend.'' In a ringing endorsement of orthodox Marxist ideology, the party newspaper People's Daily lambasted the most cherished of capitalist principles. ''Can 'paradise' be found in capitalist countries?

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Mao's Grandson an 'Ordinary Student' - Yet, There's That Limo

BEIJING (AP) _ Mao Xinyu tries to lead a quiet life at a prestigious Beijing university despite being the grandson of Mao Tse-tung, the revolutionary founder of communist China. ''I'm just an ordinary student,'' says the shy, chubby sophomore, who wears patched clothes and canvas army shoes.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Opportunity to Earn Money Lures Chinese Students to Language Schools in Japan

TOKYO - Chinese are flocking to Japan as language students, but many come only for the big money they can earn--20 times the wages they would get at home--in jobs outside the classroom, immigration officials say. Some come in hopes of eventually getting to the United States.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China Heralds a New Year with Fireworks, Family, Food

PEKING (AP) _ China erupted in a blaze of fireworks late Tuesday as it shooed out the Year of the Rat and at midnight welcomed the Year of the Ox. Millions of Chinese across the nation braved sub-freezing weather and took to the streets or leaned out of doorways and windows to set off multicolored rockets and giant sparklers in China's most raucous holiday.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China Prepares To Ring In Year Of The Ox

PEKING (AP) _ One billion Chinese stocked up on food and firecrackers to welcome the Year of the Ox, and the Communist government cautioned them to avoid ''extravagant waste'' in festivities ringing in the lunar New Year. Work in China virtually comes to a halt during the three-day holiday, which officially starts Wednesday - the first day of the Chinese new year.


By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Apple apologises to Chinese consumers over warranty confusion

BEIJING (Reuters) - Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook apologised to Chinese consumers on Monday for confusion over its warranty policy following more than two weeks of criticism in the Chinese media of its after-sales service.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Apple factory conditions better than the norm: Fair Labor Association

BEIJING (Reuters) - Working conditions at Chinese manufacturing plants where Apple Inc's iPads and iPhones are made are far better than those at garment factories or other facilities elsewhere in the country, according to the head of a non-profit agency investigating the plants.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Alibaba launches smartphone running its Cloud OS

BEIJING (Reuters) - Alibaba Group launched its first self-developed mobile operating system and smartphone on Thursday in a bid to capture a slice of China's rapidly growing mobile Internet market.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Class of '76 Got Chatty

Before their 30-year reunion, the author and scores of Claremont High classmates went online to really get to know one another. We became a notorious crook, a movie star, a cartoonist. We broke gender barriers, designed nuclear weapons and cleared the skies after Sept. 11. And across time and distance, we became friends.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
If This Were a Term Paper, You Might Have Seen It on the Web

SAN FRANCISCO - School term papers may be going the way of the typewriters once used to write them. "It's so easy to cheat and steal from the Internet that I don't even assign papers anymore," said Bobbie Eisenstock, an assistant professor of journalism at Cal State Northridge. "I got tired of night after night checking for cheaters."

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Lenovo Vies for Big Win at Olympics

SAN FRANCISCO - The Chinese computer company hopes the widespread presence of its products will make it a household name. As athletes from 84 countries vie for Olympic medals in Turin, Italy, one Chinese competitor is aiming for a different kind of gold.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Spying Case Underscores Rivalry of Asian Chip Firms

In a California court, Taiwan Semiconductor is accusing Shanghai-based SMIC of blatantly stealing its manufacturing secrets. It wasn't unusual for Y.L. Wang to spend weekends at the factory he helped manage for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., one of the biggest chip-making companies in the world. But he had never before seen his colleague C.Y.


By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
Daring thieves hold up French jetliner

PARIS -- The captain's voice came over the cabin intercom as the airliner filled with vacationers taxied to a halt at the end of the runway."Ladies and gentlemen, stay calm," he said.

Nuclear Protests Abroad as Chirac Hosts His First Bastille Day

PARIS (AP) _ Jacques Chirac, cheered at a military parade on his first Bastille Day parade as president, ignored protests overseas Friday and said France will go ahead with nuclear test blasts in the South Pacific. At home, French environmentalists kept quiet on a day of celebrations of French cultural and military strength, but held a news conference denouncing Chirac's planned nuclear testing.

By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
Planet Mutoid, Virgin Beasts at Cannes Film Festival

CANNES, France (AP) _ Introducing at the world's most prestigious film forum: ``Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid'' and ``Romeo: Love Master of the Wild Women's Dorm.'' Troma, Inc. _ makers of such off-the-wall titles as ``Surf Nazis Must Die'' and ``Space Zombie Bingo'' _ is back at Cannes Film Festival with more gore, a flood of blood and plenty of cheesy sex.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Amid Pomp and Splendor, Mitterrand Bids Adieu To World Stage

PARIS (AP) _ Flanked by world leaders and saluted by his troops, Francois Mitterrand bid farewell to the international stage Monday after a 14-year presidency marked by determined, sometimes contentious, efforts to maintain France's status as a great power. His France was a champion of European unity and Third World development, vigorously engaged in international peacekeeping and often at odds with Washington.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Government Leaders Attend First Political AIDS Summit With AM-Haiti-AIDS

PARIS (AP) _ Delegates from 42 nations, gathering for the first political summit on AIDS, hope to correct an imbalance that channels more than 90 percent of AIDS funding to wealthy nations that have only a fraction of the victims. The one-day international summit on Thursday, hosted by France and the World Health Organization, seeks to improve cooperation in fighting the disease and reduce discrimination against its victims. Twelve prime ministers and 17 health ministers, including U.S.

By Terril Jones --------- The Associated Press
50 After Hero's Death, Son Pays Tribute At His Grave

ST. JAMES, France (AP) - Sherwood Hallman Jr. gently placed a wreath for the first time on Thursday at the grave of a decorated war hero he never knew - his father, Sherwood Hallman Sr.

By Terril Jones -- AP, in Los Angeles Times
Here's Looking at You, 'Casablanca' : Movies: Fifty years after the classic film was released,...

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) -- From the looks of the dim bar in Casablanca, you'd expect to find Humphrey Bogart serving drinks under the gaze of Ingrid Bergman. Fifty years after Warner Bros. released "Casablanca," among the most enduring and popular films in cinema history, the legend lives on in this watering hole on Morocco's western coast.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Wayne's World in French: Moliere Would Hurl in His Grave

CANNES, France (AP) _ American movie fans know all about two awesome heavy-metal dudes named Wayne and Garth who spend their time discussing ''babes,'' what's ''excellent'' and guys who look like they're going to ''hurl.'' It was rad in Peoria - but will it sell in Paris?

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Mitterrand's Surgery Shows Prostate Cancer, But Will Resume Duties

PARIS (AP) _ President Francois Mitterrand is suffering from prostate cancer but his condition can be treated by medication and he will resume his duties this week, a doctor who operated on him said today. The 75-year-old president will vote in France's crucial referendum Sunday on the European union treaty, his doctors said in a communique.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
French Prison Guards Strike; Inmates Protest

PARIS (AP) _ Guards at more than 100 prisons went on strike Saturday, a day after a guard and inmate were killed during a breakout from a maximum-security facility. Guards completely walked off duty at 45 prisons. At other prisons, they refused all contact with inmates other than providing meals.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Europeans, Markets Edgy About Looming French EuroVote

PARIS (AP) _ France's upcoming referendum on the European unity treaty is causing jitters across the continent and in global financial markets. Defeat in France would likely torpedo the Maastricht accord, named after the Dutch town where the 12 European Community leaders signed it last December.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Swiss Adventurer Crossing The Alps by Hang Glider

PARIS (AP) _ He calls his odyssey crazy, but never mind. Swiss adventurer Didier Favre is nearing his goal of crossing the Alps via six countries - by hang glider. Favre's plan is simple: he soars by day, touches down to spend the night, and takes off again the next day.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Police Let Go Suspected Assassins of Iranian Ex-Premier

PARIS (AP) _ Two Iranians now suspected of assassinating ex-Iranian Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar were briefly detained at one point by French and Swiss police but released because the slaying had not been discovered yet, police sources said today. The two were still in France as of Sunday and may still be in the country, French police sources said.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
10-Year-Old English-Language Magazine Folds

PARIS (AP) _ For 10 years, the magazine Paris Passion covered the delights and essentials of living in the French capital, from finding Paris' best croque monsieur to how to win arguments with rude French sales clerks. But the English-language publication is now closing its doors.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Court Says Vichy Official Can be Tried for War Crimes

PARIS (AP) _ A court ruled Monday that a Frenchman accused of sending 194 Jewish children to their deaths in Nazi camps can be tried for war crimes. Rene Bousquet, 81, who is accused of crimes against humanity, was national police chief under the collaborating Vichy government in World War II.


By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Jumpers offered big money to brave Japan's nuclear plant

TOKYO (Reuters) - It's a job that sounds too good to be true -- thousands of dollars for up to an hour of work that often requires little training. But it also sounds too outrageous to accept, given the full job description: working in perilously radioactive environments.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Japanese worker inside stricken reactor recalls quake

TOKYO (Reuters) - Hiroyuki Nishi narrowly escaped death the day the monster earthquake struck Japan two weeks ago when a 200-ton hook on a crane came crashing down a mere two meters (6 feet) from him during the convulsions. Now, the place where he cheated death -- inside reactor No. 3 at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant -- is the reason he can't go home.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Yakuza among first with relief supplies in Japan

TOKYO (Reuters) - Tons of relief goods have been delivered to victims of Japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami from a dark corner of society: the "yakuza" organized crime networks.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Japan's fish market reflects human tragedy, economic cost

TOKYO (Reuters) - The damage to the coastline north of Tokyo by this month's catastrophic twunami has compounded the human tragedy with devastating commercial woes. "The tsunami washed away all of east Japan's farmed scallop industry," says Toshiharu Kagami, who works at a fish wholesaler at Tokyo's Tsukiji central fish market. "And it washed away all the people who worked there."

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Where is Japan's nuclear power CEO?

TOKYO, March 20 (Reuters) - The head of the Japanese power company at the centre of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters has all but vanished from the public eye.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Wearing goggles, duct tape, workers race to repair crippled reactor

TOKYO (Reuters) - Far from the camera crews, crawling through the radioactive wreckage of a nuclear power plant, a faceless battalion is taking on the most dangerous job in Japan, if not the world. About 300 workers are toiling in Tokyo Electric Power's earthquake-smashed plant, wearing masks, goggles and protective suits whose seams are sealed off with duct tape to prevent radioactive particles from creeping in.

By Terril Yue Jones - Reuters
Japanese inspired and angered; resigned to more quakes

TOKYO (Reuters) - While images of brutal destruction wreaked by a devastating earthquake and tsunami have stunned the nation and the world, Japanese are finding both inspiration and reasons to vent in the aftermath of the disaster.

By Terril Yue Jones - Forbes
ANA's friendly skies

What a difference a piece of paper makes. Until Japan and the U.S. signed an agreement last month to liberalize their air routes, the airlines from the two countries were fierce competitors. Now All Nippon Airways is partnering with United Airlines. Japan Airlines is hooking up with American Airlines.

By Terril Jones --------- The Associated Press
Japan's Judo Team is Tougher, Gunning for the Gold

(AP) - They're back, and they're mad. Japan's judo team, after a humiliating one-gold-medal performance at the 1988 Summer Olympics, is gunning for a face-saving comeback at this year's Barcelona Games. ''The Seoul Olympics were a disaster, the worst that could happen to us,'' says Haruki Uemura, Japan's national judo coach.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
New Foreign Minister Says Tongue-Tied Americans Can't Compete

TOKYO (AP) _ The new foreign minister says Americans are to blame for trade friction with his country because they don't understand Japan, speak its language or try hard enough to penetrate the Japanese market.

By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
U.S. Trade Representative Urges End To Anti-Competitive Measures

TOKYO (AP) _ U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills today urged Japan to scrap discriminatory, anti-competitive trade practices and said Tokyo must work with Washington to overcome Americans' sense of frustration with Japan. ''Anti-competitive practices, whether official or private, run counter to the world we seek and to the world that brought Japan its prosperity,'' Mrs. Hills told reporters at the National Press Club.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Japan's Governing Party Wins Its First Election Test

TOKYO (AP) _ A governing party candidate won a seat in Parliament's upper chamber Sunday in the party's first electoral test since the opposition won control of the house in general elections in July.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
U.S. Envoy Calls for Dismantling Barriers, Takes Jab at Press

TOKYO (AP) _ U.S. Ambassador Michael Armacost called today for further reform of Japan's import and distribution systems and chided the press for using phrases denoting confrontation to describe U.S.-Japan trade relations. ''You need to take bolder steps to ensure that where there are barriers to imported products, they be removed,'' Armacost said in a speech to the Japan National Press Club.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Ex-Vice Minister, Executive Arrested in Japanese Stock Scandal

TOKYO (AP) _ Prosecutors made two more arrests Wednesday in an insider-trading scandal that has raised questions about Japan's big-money politics and stained the vaunted integrity of its civil service. Opposition parties boycotted debate on the budget, bringing Parliament's business to a halt, and renewed their demands that Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita call new elections and resign so the public can render its verdict.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Japan Still Unwilling To Face War Issue, Critics Say

TOKYO (AP) _ Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita's recent refusal to call Japan an aggressor in World War II has drawn renewed criticism at home and abroad that the nation is unwilling to acknowledge its militaristic past.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Two More Executives Arrested In Stock Trading Scandal

TOKYO (AP) _ Prosecutors today arrested two top executives of companies at the center of a stock trading scandal, news reports said, bringing to six the number of people charged in the affair.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Takeshita Says He Will Not Resign Because of Stock Scandal

TOKYO (AP) _ Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita said Wednesday he won't be driven from office by a stock-trading scandal that has forced three Cabinet ministers to resign, and will try to restore public trust in government. Opposition leaders have demanded Takeshita's removal since Ken Harada, the Economic Planning Agency director, resigned Tuesday because of links to the Recruit Co.

By Terril Jones -------- The Associated Press
Mourners Throng Palace; Akihito Accepts Imperial Regalia

TOKYO (AP) _ Chanting monks pounded drums as tens of thousands of people thronged the moated Imperial Palace on Sunday to pray for Hirohito, the emperor who presided over Japan's journey from war to ruin to economic rebirth.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Tokyo, a Crowded Metropolis, Celebrates Golden Week Summit '86

TOKYO (AP) _ Tokyo is among the most crowded cities in the world, with 2,189 people jammed into every square mile, but the usual congestion will ease a little this week, despite the arrival of visitors for the seven-nation economic summit.


By Terril Yue Jones - Edmunds
Better Place's Tokyo Taxi Battery Excange Program Ends Without a Glitch - AutoObserver

Better Place's Tokyo Taxi Battery Exchange Program Ends Without a Glitch By Terril Yue Jones, Contributor TOKYO - Tucked into a nondescript corner of central Tokyo's Toranomon business district is a conceptually simple but technology formidable experiment that could lead to a sweeping makeover of how taxis, and potentially other vehicles, function in sprawling, crowded cities.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
End of the Road for the Olds

With the 105-year-old brand slated to end in 2004, car dealers such as Donny Ethington have a tough selling job. SHELBYVILLE, Ky. - The manicured green pastures and white fence posts stretch over the gentle hills of Kentucky's horse country all the way to Donny Ethington's tidy car dealership with its fleet of new Aleros, Auroras and Intrigues.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Maserati coming back to America

FRANKFURT, Germany - For lovers of Italian performance sports cars, there's great news: They won't have to spend a minimum $142,000 for a Ferrari or $290,000 for a Lamborghini. Maserati, the Modena, Italy, automaker with a storied racing history in the 1950s that made such road-going models as the Vignale, Mistral and Ghibli, is returning to America.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Jaguar Takes the Wraps Off the X-Type, Its $30,000 Make-or-Break Machine

GENEVA - Jaguar's new X-Type, a Jag for the masses--at least those in the upper-middle class--should help the fabled British car maker double its worldwide sales in just two years, a top Ford Motor executive said. "This is a make-or-break car," said Wolfgang Reitzle, head of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, in unveiling the 2002 $30,000 X-Type in a preview at the Geneva auto show, which runs through this weekend.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
China's Panda Motor Says Production Will Begin By Yearend 1990

BEIJING (AP) _ A $1 billion infusion is putting Panda Motor Corp., China's largest foreign-funded investment project, on track to begin auto production by the end of next year, an official news report said Friday.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Honda Sees More Than Tenfold Increase in U.S.-Imported Cars

TOKYO (AP) _ Honda Motor Co. expects a more than tenfold increase in two years in the number of autos it produces in the United States and imports to Japan, Honda President Tadashi Kume said Tuesday. Last year, Japan's No. 3 automaker imported to Japan 5,385 two-door Accord coupes made at its Marysville, Ohio, plant.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Japan Officials Announce Continuation of Auto Restraints

TOKYO (AP) _ Japan will continue voluntary restraints in its auto exports to the United States for the eighth straight year, the Japanese trade minister said Tuesday. Although Japanese car exports to the United States have been below the self-imposed quota of 2.3 million autos annually, Japan will keep the restraints in place, Minister of International Trade and Industry Hiroshi Mitsuzuka said.


By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Maverick Furrier Brings Luxury Furs to Middle Class

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ Kim Do-young's idea of luxury furs is something akin to fast food: easily affordable to the world's middle class. His idea that anyone should be able to afford a fur coat has made Jindo Industries, Ltd.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
South Korea's Top Steelmaker Prospers Amid Global Slump

POHANG, South Korea (AP) _ While steel industries elsewhere are in a slump, a plant runs around the clock on land reclaimed from the sea at this old fishing village, turning out low-cost steel that helps make South Korean goods a bargain on world markets.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Cleanup Makes It a Source of National Pride : Seoul's Once-Dead Han River Brought Back to Life

SEOUL, South Korea - The Han River, once so fouled by industry and sewage that dead fish lined its banks, has come alive again with carp, catfish and waterfowl. "It used to be so dirty, you couldn't catch any fish, and you never saw ducks or sea gulls like now," said Mun Hong Gu, a seafarer who has known the river for 40 years.


By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Israel's Ice Cream King Eyes Middle East

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) - He's the ice cream king of Israel, and he hopes consumers all across the Middle East will soon be lapping up his products. With the Casablanca economic summit sending countries in the region hurtling toward commercial interdependence, Michael Strauss doesn't think he'll have to wait long for the borders to melt away.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Jordan to Give Muslim Shrines in Jerusalem to Palestinians

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) _ Jordan will relinquish control of Muslim shrines in east Jerusalem once the Palestinians agree with Israel on their claim to the city as their future capital, Jordan's crown prince said Tuesday. Shrines holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians are located in east Jerusalem, and control of the Muslim sites is a central issue in Arab-Israeli peace negotiations.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
U.S. Treasury Official Gives Strong Boost to Mideast Development Bank

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) _ A senior U.S. Treasury official once lukewarm to the concept has given a strong boost to the idea of establishing a Middle East development bank. Officials at the first Middle East-North Africa Economic Summit were expected today to announce the formation of a regional bank with multilateral financing to fund construction and other projects.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Arabs, Israelis Unite For Economic Talks

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) -- Lofty words of praise for Mideast peace gave way to the nuts and bolts of foreign investment Monday as government and business leaders from 65 countries sought ways to boost the region's capital-starved economies.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Mideast Summit to Discuss Peace, Regional Cooperation, Investment

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) _ Government and business leaders from 80 countries gather Sunday in Casablanca, hoping to boost Middle East peace - and land lucrative contracts in the process. The Middle East-North Africa Economic Summit is the largest effort yet by Israelis and Arabs to strengthen regional stability through investment and development.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Palestinian Legislature to Recommend Participation in Peace Talks

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) _ Breaking a bitter internal deadlock, the Palestinian parliament-in-exile on Saturday overwhelmingly recommended that Palestinians attend next month's U.S.-brokered Middle East peace talks. The recommendation came in a policy statement approved 313-18 by the 450- member Palestine National Council after days of impassioned debate.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Kuwait's Currency Declared Invalid by Iraq

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Iraq, underscoring its control over Kuwait, has declared Kuwait's currency invalid and set a deadline for all who hold it to exchange it for Iraqi money, the government said Monday. Iraq will reimburse those who possess Kuwaiti dinars with Iraqi dinars on a 1-for-1 basis, the government said.


By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Experts Fear AIDS May Be Neglected Amidst Historic Changes

MARRAKESH, Morocco (AP) _ While many South Africans eagerly await democracy, experts fear the country faces an increase in AIDS cases despite the end of apartheid policies that may have helped spread the disease.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Conference Debates Disclosure, Denial of AIDS in Africa

MARRAKESH, Morocco (AP) _ Reports casting doubt on the origins of the AIDS virus and its epidemic proportions in Africa are damaging AIDS programs on the continent, a researcher said Monday. Alan Whiteside, who studies the socioeconomic impact of AIDS on Africa for the University of Natal in South Africa, spoke to an international conference on AIDS in Africa attended by some 3,500 researchers and AIDS activists.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
HIV Infection Up By 2 Million in Past Year; Africans Hit Hardest

MARRAKESH, Morocco (AP) _ About 2 million more people were infected with the AIDS virus in the last year, mostly in Africa where teen-agers and young adults are being infected at an alarming rate, the World Health Organization said Sunday.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Morocco's Elections Hit by Claims of Unfairness

RABAT, Morocco (AP) _ The series of elections held by King Hassan II were supposed to create a season of strides toward democracy. Instead, it is a winter of discontent. Two months after nationwide elections for local assemblies, bitterness runs deep among opposition politicians who say their defeat was brought about by coercion, vote-buying and ballot-stuffing.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press

CASABLANCA, Morocco (AP) - From the looks of the dim bar in Casablanca, you'd expect to look up and see Humphrey Bogart serving drinks under the gaze of Ingrid Bergman. Fifty years after Warner Bros. released ``Casablanca,'' among the most enduring and popular films in cinema history, the legend lives on in this watering hole on Morocco's western coast.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Defiance Reigns in Liberia

KPAYTUO, Liberia (AP) - A grisly sign of civil war stands at the shattered center of this remote Liberian town -- the skull of a government soldier, his scalp and half his face withering in the relentless sun. The head is impaled on a stake near a gutted armored personnel carrier that residents say was one of two that burst into town before dawn April 1.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Refugees Uncertain Whether to Start New Life or Hope For Return

BANNEU, Ivory Coast (AP) _ Morris Karlea escaped with 10 of his 18 children, three of his four wives and the clothes on his back when he fled Liberia after civil war erupted six months ago. Karlea, 43, spoke of the soldiers serving President Samuel Doe, who fought a rebel army that invaded Liberia from the Ivory Coast on Dec.


By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Albertville Area Tries to Deal With Olympic Deficit's Chill

ALBERTVILLE, France (AP) - A single pylon, like the lonely support for a packed-up circus tent, is all that marks the site of the opening and closing ceremonies at last year's Winter Olympics. Across a field of mud, the speedskating arena is now a soccer field.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Olympics Are Over, But North Korea Continues To Blast Games

(AP) _ North Korea on Thursday continued its verbal attacks on the Olympic Games in Seoul, calling them ''dictatorial'' and an excuse for suppression of popular protest. The government in Pyongyang also accused the United States of using the Olympics to keep the Korean Peninsula divided. The Games, which began Sept.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Hope to Prevent Terrorism in Seoul : Airports Tighten Security for Olympics

TOKYO - Asian airports have tightened security to prevent acts of terrorism during the Summer Olympics in South Korea this month. Authorities in Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and all the way to Australia, in addition to South Korea itself, are clamping down on possible threats they believe could come from communist North Korea, members of the Japanese Red Army gang, South Korean radicals or a host of other quarters.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
North Korea Says It Won't Disrupt Olympics

(AP) _ North Korea pledged on Monday that it will not disrupt the Olympic Games and said any incident marring the Games would be part of a U.S.-South Korean plot to create an excuse to invade the North.


By Terril Yue Jones, Forbes
Bottom line

Steelcase Inc., the world’s largest maker of office furniture, has come out with a sleek new chair to take on Herman Miller's four-year-old Aeron, the chair that redefined what’s behind the desk much the way the iMac redefined what sits on top.

The Ericsson advantage

At a recent meeting of senior Lucent Technologies managers in Whippany, New Jersey, James Brewington, group president of Wireless Networks Group, held up a picture of Ericsson chief Sven-Christer Nilsson. "You know what I want to do to him?" Brewington asked the assembled managers.


By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Jef Raskin, 61; Led the Team That Created User-Friendly Apple Macintosh Computer

Jef Raskin, the software developer and renaissance man behind Apple Computer Inc.'s pioneering Macintosh personal computer, died on Saturday of pancreatic cancer, his family said. He was 61. Raskin died at his home in Pacifica, south of San Francisco, his son, Aza, said Monday. Raskin joined the fledgling Apple as employee No. 31.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Stephen P. Yokich, 66; Former President of UAW

Stephen P. Yokich, the firebrand former leader of the United Auto Workers who was a leading force in a crippling strike against General Motors Corp. four years ago but who significantly increased benefits for union members, died of a stroke Friday in Detroit. He was 66.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Ralph Hoar, 56; Car Safety Advocate

DETROIT - Ralph Hoar, a veteran consumer safety advocate who waged campaigns for product recalls in the automotive industry, has died, the advocacy group he founded, Safetyforum.com, has announced. He was 56. Hoar died of complications associated with prostate cancer on Friday at Virginia Hospital Center in Fairfax, Va., Lee Jones, Hoar's successor as executive director of the organization, said Tuesday.

By Terril Yue Jones - Los Angeles Times
Leonard Woodcock; President of United Auto Workers Union, Envoy to China

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Leonard Woodcock, the president of the United Auto Workers during much of the 1970s who pioneered important gains at the bargaining table and later was President Jimmy Carter's envoy to China, has died, the union announced. Woodcock died Tuesday night at his home in Ann Arbor from pulmonary complications.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Lawrence Durrell, Author of `The Alexandria Quartet,' Dead at 78

PARIS (AP) - Lawrence Durrell, the British novelist who conveyed his love for Mediterranean life in "The Alexandria Quartet" and other lyrical works, died at his home in southern France, his family said Thursday.

By Terril Jones - The Associated Press
Jacques Demy, French Film Director, Dead at 59

PARIS (AP) _ Jacques Demy, the French master of musical comedies best known for his 1963 film "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg," has died of a brain hemorrhage brought on by leukemia, associates said Sunday. He was 59.

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