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Montreal's Subterranean Vacuum System Sucks Garbage Out of Sight

Garbage trucks are about to be consigned to the dustbin of history. Thank the Envac Automated Waste Collection System, which lets you drop your refuse, recycling, and compost down a chute that whisks it off to a central sorting facility via a 45-mph subterranean slipstream. It may sound like something out of Logan's Run, but...

Popular Science
Soon, Everything Will Be A Charger

The number of connected devices will exceed the world's population-more than seven billion-by the end of this year, according to recent Cisco research. But even though they make our lives easier, gadgets come with something pretty unattractive: an ever-growing tangle of chargers. Wireless charging was supposed to fix that, and soon it actually will.

Test: Funky Folding Bikes, Workhorse Cordless Screwdrivers

Handheld Computers | Chips Off the Ol' Block Trying to lighten your gadget load? These PCs pack most of the capabilities of a laptop into sub-2-pound packages. And since they all run Windows, you can work on your spreadsheets, no sherpa required.

Biggest Little Cities: Models for Urban Planning

Michael Chesko is no architect. He's not a structural engineer or an urban planner either. But he just spent more than 2,000 hours constructing this highly detailed, nearly perfect scale model of midtown Manhattan. Chesko cut, sanded, and glued the mini metropolis-now on exhibit at the New York Skyscraper Museum -using only an X-Acto knife, a nail file, and a Dremel (and lots of balsa wood).

Popular Science
Electrify Any Bike For Extra Pedal Power

Who wants to be a sweaty mess after biking to work? "No one," is the answer FlyKly is banking on. The start-up has created an electrified rear wheel that can retrofit onto almost any bike. Pedaling becomes effortless, and co-workers will thank you. The 250-watt motor [2] propels the bike up to 20 mph.

Carbon Fiber: Secret Ingredient of the 21st Century

Oakley X The Macallan: The Flask For every mission-critical use of carbon fiber, there are a dozen unapologetically "cool" applications. Oakley wrapped this flask in all sorts of durable materials: steel, aluminum, and a CF composite. The result? A flask that keeps your hooch safe-drop after drunken drop.


Travel Channel
Booze Traveler: Mongolian Road Trip

Jack travels to the base of the Khangai Mountains to try fermented horse milk; takes a tour of a factory where liquid is filtered through diamonds and pearls to create the perfect vodka; and gets a lesson on making camel-milk vodka.


Go Behind the Scenes on Hollywood's Hottest Custom Car Lot

Nestled away in North Hollywood is one of the most valuable parking lots in the world. The 100,000-square-foot complex houses the offices, and the custom rides, of movie vehicle designer Tim "Fireball" Lawrence. Take a photographic tour of Cinema Vehicles Services, one of the most storied automotive build houses in Hollywood.

Fast Company
How The Video Game Awards Are Leveling Up A Fading Format

The idea of a glitzy award show is far from the frag fests gamers are used to. But for Spike TV's Video Game Awards, the worlds of pageantry and pixels collide to create something entirely new. Like previous years, this year's gala-for-all-things-gaming (premiering live on Spike 8:00PM/ET) is a slickly produced, reality-blurring amalgamation of industry recognition and fanboy indulgence.

Schtick in a Box: The Secrets to Lonely Island's Success

How does the Lonely Island trio keep cranking out instant viral hits like"Motherlover" and "I'm on a Boat"? They just follow these make-it-look-easy steps. (It also helps to be funny as hell.) Step 1: Fire Up the Funny Early song concepts (and their catchy choruses) are drafted in makeshift writers' rooms in both New York and LA.

Screen: How a Legendary Werewolf Artist Changes With the Times

In 1982, Rick Baker won the first-ever makeup artistry Oscar for his work on An American Werewolf in London. Since then, his bone-crunching, sinew-stretching lycanthropic transformations have become legendary. But Hollywood's approach to makeup is changing as dramatically as those lupine metamorphoses: While working on a remake of The Wolfman, out February 12, Baker had to integrate his handcrafted artistry with the latest digital effects.

Wes Anderson Directs The Fantastic Mr. Fox From Afar

Look closely at the characters in Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson's adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic, and you'll notice the herky-jerky fluttering fur. It's a dead giveaway that the film was shot using stop-motion animation. For director Anderson, the imperfections of this century-old technique are a feature, not a bug.

Screen: How Inception's Sound Designer Engineers Cacophony

imagebrowser id=25] Richard King can summon thunder, trigger gunshots, and deploy the throaty growl of the Batmobile all at the touch of a button. As an Oscar-winning sound designer who worked on War of the Worlds, Master and Commander, and The Dark Knight, King is the man behind the biggest bangs at the box office.1...

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#maketechhuman e-book: equality

"The future has arrived," science fiction author William Gibson noted presciently more than two decades ago. "It's just not evenly distributed." The benefits of technology still haven't reached nearly enough people today, nor are they created by enough people-but the good news is, our ability to create and spread a more positive future through new...

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