Teresa Lee

Which language to learn? A Linguistic Matchmaking Service

Looking to learn a language but not sure which language to choose? Whether you're looking to break out of monolingualism with a second language or you're a polyglot looking to add to your collection, if you're dithering over which language to learn, then read on. We might just help you find The One.

Tech and Telecoms M&A: what does the future hold? - Avondale

Big acquisitions in the tech and telecoms sectors create headlines, but lately, Avondale has observed a growing interest in smaller transactions across global M&A markets. With larger, "scale" deals failing to generate substantial returns over a long period, buyers are seeing the long-term potential lurking in the mid-market.

Excel with Business
Microsoft Excel Course Online - Top MS Excel Training Courses

Frustrated with Trying To Learn Microsoft Excel? Are you tired of struggling with Microsoft Excel? Do you want to use Excel with ease to solve complex problems, automate spreadsheets, and master graphs for presentations instead of pulling your hair out? Why Excel Matters: We all know Excel is essential for any business.

Houlihan Lokey joins forces with JOC - JustOnCampus

JOC is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with prestigious investment bank Houlihan Lokey. The multi award-winning global bank is looking to attract high quality, diverse graduates to join at a time of high growth, and has chosen to partner with JOC to help add to its talent pool.

Noble Expressions
Geometric Table Runner | Shop Noble Expressions Home Decor

Geometric Table Runner West African design meets art deco chic with this premium Geometric Table Runner. The predominantly crimson pattern, interspersed with yellow and orange stripes evoke passion, strength and vibrancy. Whether you're going for a bohemian aesthetic, a modern feel, or even a new original style, the Geometric Table Runner is sure to please.

The Fondue Files: It's all French to me

Think French is a whole other language? Think again, and you'll be speaking more French than you realise. You know all those awkward words in English that are hard to pronounce and read less phonetical than usual? Such as lingerie, croissant, grand prix? Well, you have French to thank for those.

Mi Business Mag
Supper at Samarkand | Mi Business Mag

Samarkand is a true hidden gem, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it treasure just off Charlotte Street. I actually walked past it, but once located, a pair of heavy double doors opened to reveal a staircase leading down to an underground treasure trove of Uzbekistan wonders.