Ben Lloyd

Web content copywriter / Tech copywriter

I specialise in computer technology topics including CRM, ERP, Augmented Reality and general computing for brands like Nominet, Three Mobile, Oracle, HP, SanDisk and LogMeIn. I have also written on less-technical topics for major names including Allianz, the Post Office, Motley Fool, Deltek and Trustpilot.

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Payara Server data sheet
A data sheet explaining the features, benefits and technical specifications of the Payara Server product
Payara Micro - data sheet
datasheet to promote the benefits and features of the Payara Micro J2EE server
Payara Server for DevOps
A data sheet for the Payara Server, directed at DevOps specialists. The


Manufacturing supply chain |Adjuno
To stay ahead in the consumer products industry understanding and capitalising on new technology developments within the manufacturing supply chain is vital. Customers vote with...
Insurance Supply Chain | Adjuno
The insurance supply chain is heavily reliant on effective communications between supply chain partners and their customers. Insurance SCM technology is transforming service...
Big Data | Supply Chain Management | Adjuno
Acquiring information to power Big Data programs is relatively straightforward, however extracting value from this is much more difficult. Without effective analytics to uncover...

Manx Telecom

Out with the Old - Why Legacy IT Hardware Could be Holding Back Your Business
Legacy IT is a huge cost drain, making your processes less efficient and eating into profit margins. Worse still, your old systems are also preventing you from using technology...
Finding the Right Partner to Power up Your IT
Getting the most from your IT requires expert assistance - here's how to choose your perfect partner
Futureproofing Your Enterprise: Tomorrow's Tech Today
Will increase operational agility. Will reduce operational costs. Will scale in line with changing business demands. Will deliver greater operational efficiency at lower cost....


Increase Your Profit, Not Your Prices In The A&E Sector
Growing your company relies on your cashflow and your profits - find out how to improve both with Enterprise Resource Planning. Every business faces one common challenge - how...
Aligning Your Business Systems For Global Growth.
Discover what you need to consider when aligning your business systems for global growth.
Quick Guide: Rallying Stakeholders and gaining buy-in for a successful ERP project
If you're planning to invest in ERP, it's important that all of your key stakeholders buy into the ERP project and sit firmly behind it, during its selection, implementation...


Twelve Key Stages in the History of Unified Communications: 48,000bps, $100 per Hour, 4G and BYOD...
Web conferencing is now everywhere, but the journey from concept to reality has been a long one - here is the complete history of unified communications In this infographic we...
Remote Working and Mobile Communications: an Easy and Secure Strategy for Data Security | Arkadin...
Mobile security is a major concern for businesses building a mobile communications strategy, in fact in the 2015 Arkadin UC Survey 40.7% of respondents rated data security as a...


Cloud Backup for the Enterprise Customer
A whitepaper written for UK IT consultancy iomart
DDoS – A Continuously Evolving Corporate IT Threat
Understanding the current network security landscape in terms of DDoS attacks.
The Case for Hosted Desktop Computing
A whitepaper written for UK IT consultancy iomart


The Ultimate Guide to why slow user adoption affects 49% of CRM projects
An eGuide for the Redspire 'Ultimate Guide' series
3 Tenets That Make CRM Work
CRM - it's as easy as 123. The clue is in the name. CRM - Customer Relationship Management - is built on three principles: 1. Customers. 2. Relationships. 3. Management. CRM is...


Marketing Management: Why You Must Shift Your Budget from Maintenance to Innovation
Innovative marketing is now a necessity - see how it will transform the profitability of your business.
CMO's Quick Reference: "Big Data", "Mixed Data", "Intelligent Data" - What Does It All Mean?
Data is the key to all successful Modern Marketing techniques, helping to identify new opportunities using all of the available information to hand. But like any new...
"Mobile Has Won" Says Google's Eric Schmidt - Are You Ready for a Smartphone Marketing Future?
Laying out his predictions for 2014 in an interview for Bloomberg, Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt claims "mobile has won". Clarifying this further, Schmidt believes...

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