Ben Lloyd

Web content copywriter / Tech copywriter

I specialise in computer technology topics including CRM, ERP, Augmented Reality and general computing for brands like Nominet, Three Mobile, Oracle, HP, SanDisk and LogMeIn. I have also written on less-technical topics for major names including Allianz, the Post Office, Motley Fool, Deltek and Trustpilot.

Mail me: [email protected]

United Kingdom


Eque2 website

5 signs your accounting software doesn’t fit your company

5 Signs That Your Construction Accounting Software Doesn't Fit Your Company

Tech Write


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Workbooks blog

Seven Steps to Heaven: Marketing Automation with a CRM System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Automating your marketing with a CRM system doesn’t just make your working day easier - it improves your results, too...

Workbooks blog

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Filling the cyber-security skills gap becomes priority for the UK | Knowthenet - a great place...

It seems more than just a coincidence that the Government also reports concerns that a declining number of students studying computer science at university means that the skills...

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Using social media carefully to prevent employment problems