Ben Lloyd

Web content copywriter / Tech copywriter

I specialise in computer technology topics including CRM, ERP, Augmented Reality and general computing for brands like Nominet, Three Mobile, Oracle, HP, SanDisk and LogMeIn. I have also written on less-technical topics for major names including Allianz, the Post Office, Motley Fool, Deltek and Trustpilot.

Mail me: [email protected]

United Kingdom


The Kroll Ontrack UK Blog

What to expect in the Windows 10 Creators Update - Kroll Ontrack UK Blog

When Windows 10 shipped, Microsoft promised us that this would be the last "Big Bang" operating system release they ever made. From that point on, we should only expect to see a...



How Are These 9 Industry 4.0 Technologies Going To Transform Production

Industry 4.0 represents the most significant developments in production since the last industrial revolution 200 years ago. Advances in technology and the speed with which these...


Projected trends for manufacturing in China by 2025 - Adjuno

Driven by the "Made in China 2025" mandate, manufacturing in China is set to undergo a massive transformation in the coming years and these 9 tasks have been identified as key...


Practical Ways Retailers Will Benefit from the Internet of Things | Adjuno

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already revolutionising supply chains across a range of industries. IoT refers to the connected network of devices embedded with sensor...

Travelport Digital


How airline eCommerce can leverage iOS (and Android) releases

Apple and Android are neck-and-neck when it comes to innovative evolution, and every operating system update generates a blaze of publicity. This competition is great news for...


To Ancillary and Beyond

Confident, savvy travellers, high profile airline marketing and increased competition in the travel sector are having one very noticeable effect - downward pressure on headline...


4-Star App Ratings - the Key to Increased Airline Revenue

What impact on downloads do you think it would make to have your airline app jump from a 4-star to a 5-star rating? The answer might surprise you. In fact, jumping from a...

Parker Software

Parker Software ebook

Black Friday: Thrive Don't Survive

A white paper that looks at how online retailers can turn Black Friday from a one-day hype fest into a year long success.

Parker Software

Customer communication - you're doing it wrong

A look at how customers interact with brands, and how not to screw those communications up.

Request for Proposal: The Hard Questions Worth Asking. |

Assembling a request for proposal can help your business avoid mistakes and get the best value when buying a social media management platform.

Personalized Marketing - Why Is it Important? |

Your customers increasingly expect personalized marketing - here's how to get started.

Falcon Social

7 skills every social media manager needs | Falcon Social

A successful social media manager needs to be able to do a lot more than 'just' craft a witty 140-character message. Despite the huge value created by an effective social...

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT

Best Practice for Benchmarking Web & Mobile Site Performance

A thought leadership document explaining how to assess the performance of corporate web presence.

Melbourne IT

Checklist: Considerations for the best UX

A white paper laying out the factors that need to be considered when designing the most effective user interface for a corporate website

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