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Tea Tuda

Content Writer

Location icon Brussels, Belgium

Writer, editor and communication strategist with a background in digital media and EU policy.

European Commission on Medium
Globalisation: the European perspective

European Commission's reflection paper on harnessing globalisation contributes to the ongoing debate about the future of Europe. Global interaction is centuries old, reflecting a human instinct to find new opportunities, discover new people and places, and the exchange ideas and goods.

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Who Cares about Men?

Theoretically men and women have equal rights, but in practice, the equal society is only half-built. The current generation of men is under huge pressure. The man has to be the bread-winner with a successful career, but he is also expected to be a very hands-on parent - and also the guy who fixes the car and paints the house and does it all.

Council of the EU intranet 'Domus'
Do Men need Gender Equality?

Some men really feel that gender equality is just for women. That's why it really is important to look genuinely at the situation of men and their real-life experience. Men would support gender equality for women if they saw that they, too, had something to gain from it. And they do.

European Commission on Medium
The story of the euro

Featuring European Commission's launch of the reflection paper on the deepening of the economic and monetary union, we are bringing you the story of the euro - its strengths and weaknesses, its past and its possible future.

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Men's Health: A Reason for Concern?

Men die 5.5 years younger than women in the EU. What are the reasons behind this overlooked gender imbalance?

European Commission on Medium
Future of Europe's defence

The reflection paper on the future of European defence is the fourth one in the series, launched by the European Commission. It outlines possible scenarios of Europe's defence, contributing to the debate on strengthening the protection of European citizens. Here are its highlights.

Irish Rock n' Roll Museum Experience
Top 10 Irish Love Songs

Like it or not, the institution of Valentine's Day is almost upon us. But whether you're a hopeless romantic, a disillusioned cynic or somewhere in between, everyone loves a good love song from time to time. So here is our list of the Top 10 Irish Love Songs.

Irish Rock n' Roll Museum Experience
The Ultimate Rock N Roll Weekend - August 5th to August 7th

We have some delightful news for all the Rock and Roll fans out there! We have the ultimate Rock N Roll Weekend coming to Dublin. With the Rock N Roll Marathon, Rock N Roll Festival and ourselves hosting Radio Nova at the museum, it's the perfect way to celebrate our first birthday!

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