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Writer, Proofreader, Researcher, and all-around lover of words, Yanique Taylor helps you to "Get it W-R-I-T-E!" I am a regular contributor to Good News Jamaica and I work with private and non-profit entities as well as authors and other creatives, helping them to create the best version of their projects. These projects include profile pieces, reports, training manuals, articles and novels. My passion blossoms more each day through my varied projects and clients, allowing me to stretch, learn and do more of what excites me.

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The China Connection Part III - (China's Culture) - Good News Jamaica

Remember my hesitations about travelling to China? I was worried about the food, the people, just the country in general. However, by week two, and once my sleep cycle started to regulate (the time zone difference was torture!), I have to admit that I was beginning to feel a part of the daily hustle and bustle that is China.

Good News Jamaica
The China Connection Part I (A Surprise Opportunity) - Good News Jamaica

Since the 19 th century when Jamaica began receiving Chinese migrants, primarily as indentured servants meant to fill the gap left by the abolition of enslaved blacks, the relationship between Jamaicans and the Chinese has been an interesting one. It is not uncommon to still hear some Jamaicans speak of Chinese persons negatively.

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Women In Music Jamaica - Good News Jamaica

A self-proclaimed "Yaadie in Exile" while living in Grenada, Canada, Trinidad and finally Australia, where she completed seven years of schooling, Joan Webley's love of music and her passion for what it has to offer directly and indirectly to individuals and Jamaica as a nation, never waned.

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Entrepreneurship Summer Showcase - Good News Jamaica

The entrepreneurial journey is typically driven by innovation, passion and great sacrifice. Many have also found it to be a lonely road with little support, especially in Jamaica. Sisters' Ink, a Business Support Consultancy, is focused on shifting the landscape to become more supportive and rewarding for developing entrepreneurs and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

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A Parade Of Creativity And Opportunity - Good News Jamaica

It is a hot and dry summer day on this Saturday in Parade Gardens, and the streets are alive with screaming children everywhere. But this activity is not a result of what many Jamaicans may typically know about the Parade Gardens community. This is not a violent or sad day.

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Arbitration On The Move - Good News Jamaica

Arbitration Week, facilitated between June 24 th to 30 th, 2018, was presented under the theme, "Arbitration on the Move: Framework, Industries and Economic Development" , with a focus on continuing capacity building efforts for arbitration practitioners in Jamaica and the region.

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A Touch Of Minka - The Launch Of An Empire - Good News Jamaica

Set to the backdrop of a simple, but classy Bohemian-styled d├ęcor, with soulful entertainment that included dancing, singing and instrumental performances, the expansion of Minkluv Enterprises through the launch of its cosmetics line, was off to an enchanting start.