Tatum Anderson

Journalist, writer and editor

I have written science, technology, international development, business and travel articles for almost 20 years. More recently my focus has moved to global health.

I've written for newspapers, science, business and medical publications from The Lancet to the WHO Bulletin, The Economist, British Medical Journal, BBC News, Guardian, Intellectual Property Watch and Nature.

I am available for freelance commissions and will write features, white papers, supplements, reports and copy for internal magazines and websites.

United Kingdom


Intellectual Property Watch

Better Data On Fake Drugs Needed To Fight The Scourge - Intellectual Property Watch

by for Intellectual Property Watch The problem of fake medicines is a big one. But precisely how big? The problem is, when reporting numbers, news stories, reports and...

Intellectual Property Watch

Enter The African Medicines Agency, Continent's First Super-Regulator? - Intellectual Property Watch

by for Intellectual Property Watch An African medicines agency, the continent's first super-regulator, could be approved as soon as next year. Available only for IP-Watch...

International Hospitals and Medical Travel

Israel's proposed medical tourism legislation

Tatum Anderson investigates how a new bill from the Ministries of Health and Tourism seeks to improve treatment for Israeli patients It's not just the world-famous therapeutic...

BBC News

Africa hails new meningitis vaccine - BBC News

For the people in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, a new meningitis vaccine offers hope of an escape from one of the world's deadliest, most disabling and infectious diseases. So...

Intellectual Property Watch

Access To Generic Reproductive Health Supplies Decades Behind Medicines? - Intellectual Property...

Despite a massive worldwide push to improve access to contraceptives, generic manufacturers say they're not yet getting a good share of the pie. The use of family-planning...

International Hospitals & Medical Travel

Journeying for the wonder drug

HepC medical tourism. What you do get when you cross a millionaire Argentinian football star, Egyptian pyramids, a government department and a pharmaceutical company? The launch...

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Providing family planning services to women in Africa

article published in September 2017


The politics of pain

Pain relief is often taken for granted in the Western world, but in about 150 countries the use of morphine is severely restricted. Tatum Anderson investigates how this has come...


Trip into the unknown

News: Business A plant in Uganda hopes to sell cut-price drugs by taking advantage of exemptions from rules that protect patents. But its operators face major obstacles, as...

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Communicating science-based messages on vaccines