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The 9th Floor Basement
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Unique hand embroidered designs.

About Basement Bedrooms | eHow

A basement bedroom is a cost-effective way to add living space to a home without additional construction. Basement bedrooms can have many functions and features. An effective plan, budget and knowledge of building codes can help a basement bedroom add significant value to a home.

Ice Cream Franchises

When opening an ice cream franchise there are a variety of ice cream shop options to choose from. Below are a few types of ice cream shops you could open: Stand Alone Store Mobile Cart Kiosk/Build-outs Trailer Mall Store Front Double Drive-thru If you do not want to open and manage an entire shop, you can simply open a small ice cream kiosk in your local mall.

About Electric Fireplaces | eHow

An electric fireplace can be a welcome alternative to a traditional fireplace or electric heater. Electric fireplaces can be used in a variety of home settings for both warmth and ambiance. Several features are available to make an electric fireplace convenient to use.

About Gas Ovens | eHow

Gas ovens have become much more versatile and can be purchased for both home and restaurant use. They can be custom made and designed to fit into almost any kitchen scheme, and they offer several features that were not always available. Although safe to use, precautions should be taken when installing and cooking with a gas oven.

About Interior Decorating Careers | eHow

Interior decorating combines artistic and practical elements of decorating rooms in homes, restaurants, and other businesses. Careers in interior decorating can be found with or without formal training and education. Interior decorating jobs are expected to increase within the next several years.

About Outdoor Showers | eHow

An outdoor shower can be a very simple or elaborate addition to a home, depending upon its use and location on a property. Simple mobile outdoor showers that connect to garden hose are available, as well as custom made showers built into a wall with enclosures, seating, and other accessories.

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