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I've been writing stories professionally for 7 years. They run the gamut from marketing copy to blogs to fiction — sometimes funny, usually informative, always valuable. If you need more intel, drop me a line.

Motum B2B
Craft the right tone and voice to make your B2B website sing

Strong website writing smacks you right in the face. Sometimes it tickles your feet. If you're in the YouTube comments section, it might give you a weird itch. As a foundation, B2B web copy should be clear as crystal and free of extraneous info.

10 Best Alternative Female Heroes In Video Games

Video games have come a long way since the days of Leisure Suit Larry. In light of Women's History Month, it's important to recognize the strong female characters who pave the way towards a more inclusive gaming industry. We can always revisit the popular choices - think Zelda, Samus, and Lara Croft - but why limit ourselves to the heavy-hitters?

Kingdom: New Lands Review | RETRONUKE

Once you get the keys to the kingdom, it can be hard to let them go-and even harder to survive the challenges they will inevitably bring your way. Kingdom: New Lands is an extension of Kingdom, a side-scrolling strategy and survival game that earned a loyal indie following with its unforgiving yet addictive gameplay.

11 Old-School Video Game Bars We'd Love To Visit In Real Life

What is it that makes video game bars seem so inviting? It could be that after a long day of questing, we still feel the need to put up our virtual feet, chat with our virtual friends, and pound back a virtual cold one.

CRUSH.TV Early Access Review: An Exercise in Crushing Defeat

One arena, two competitors, and hundreds of enemies equipped with swift and punishing ways to murder you. That's the recipe for CRUSH.TV-one you may remember from early arcade games like Smash TV and Robotron: 2084. In fact, developer Salt & Pixel cites those two games as the specific inspiration for CRUSH.TV, a 2D shooter that is currently available in early access.