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Based in Hong Kong I work in publishing and voiceover work.

A love of Environmentalism and Burning Man has recently led me to create All In - Asia, a platform for environmentalists across the region under the guiding philosophy that we are stronger together.

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The Passion - "Cooking but playing"

As a chef the working hours can be very long and there is a lot to manage, it can be hard to make time to remember the passion one needs to be the best chef one can be.

Creepy Edible Wonderland - when imagination becomes creation

Oulala Floral Masterpiece Exhibition opening night at the Macau Design Centre in late April was the stuff (weird!) dreams are made of.When Oulala was planning their 5th anniversary celebration founder Carole Delavelle got in touch with me to come up with a canapé menu for the event.

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Hong Kong je t'aime

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: December-16-2009 in Whether it's a stopover or a destination, Hong Kong is not to be missed. Zig zag the city by train, tram, ferry or cable car but be sure to experience even a few of its must-do's.

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The unbearable weight of being

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: November-10-2009 in Travel and new environments bring with them many new experiences, knowledge and memories. And extra weight- of the personal variety. When will we learn that a holiday itinerary does not equate a passport to an unlimited kingdom of calories? I have been away for a while.

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Central Market: Costume Jewellery Central

The other question I have would allow me insight on how the designer feels about seeing the Chanel logo on plastic earrings around the globe. I'm not normally inclined to spend my time thinking about fashion designers, but Karl has been on my mind this afternoon as I've just come back from Central Market and seen more double C's than the interior of any Parisian atelier could ever house.

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The Magic of Myanmar- Part 1

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: February-01-2012 in Republished - Feb 2012 It was a decision based on avoidance. An avoidance of two things: Christmas and Cambodia. The idea of another December 25th with fake snow and Happy Merry Christmas written on every available surface while you felt your skin being fried under the relentless Cambodian sun was enough to prompt the quest for a location far, far away from sweaty Santas.

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The Magic of Myanmar- Part 2 Mandalay and beyond

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: February-01-2012 in (Continued from last week, The Magic of Myanmar Part 1) Republished - Feb 2012 I'm not sure if it was the suitcase crashing down on my head, or the cold and hunger on the train that did it, but when we arrived at our hotel in Mandalay, the Emerald land Inn, it did indeed feel like we had walked into a giant gem.

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The magic of Myanmar- Part 3 Boats, Bicycles and Balloons in Bagan

It was 4pm when we arrived and the drive to our hotel revealed a very different landscape to what we had experienced in other parts of the country, the soil had a reddish tint and it was almost desert-like. The complete change in landscape and climate from region to region was growing to be one of my favourite things about Myanmar.

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