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Tamara Eakins

Public Relations, Journalism, Magazine & Personal Poetry: A Writing Portfolio

Location icon United States

College graduate with an intense passion for writing, in all forms.


Public Relations

Simplistic PR
PR & Social Media Marketing Plan

A public relations and marketing plan created for local Spokane gym, Legacy Training Systems. All work solely created and owned by Tamara Eakins.

Newspaper Journalism

The Telescope Newspaper
Differentiating Wants and Needs

Distinguishing between a want and a need may seem like quite a simple task. However, for most college students, deciding whether something is a necessity or merely a desire can be a daily struggle and sometimes making the choice to do what is necessary as a member of society is even harder.

The Telescope Newspaper
Mental Intimacy is a Priority

In this day and age, individuality and uniqueness are praised with positivity. However, in contrast, the pressure to live up to typical sexual ideals is still very much prevalent.

Magazine Features

Issuu IMPACT Magazine Spring 2016
Don't Stress, Be Mindful

IMPACT is proud to present Spring 2016 issue No. 7. IMPACT Magazine is the student-produced lifestyle magazine of Palomar College in San Marcos, California.