Talia Geliebter

1-2 page assignment
Far West Board Article

Created an article for the Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association to read.

Access of Northern California Newsletter
Precita Eyes Murals

Wrote article that summarized murals on Mission Street in San Francisco.

Access of Northern California Newsletter
Attractions in San Francisco

Wrote article for newsletter that summarized top attractions in San Francisco.

Spartan Daily
Disabled athletes shine in wheelchair accessible sports - Spartan Daily

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a disabled athlete? Would the sports that you play be more difficult? Would you tire out easily and give up, or continue through the pain? Few able-bodied people know that the disabled are capable of playing sports....

Road to the Top: Winning the D2 Western Regional

On Friday March 5th, 2010, I traveled to Union City to pick up my teammate Tyrone before going to San Jose. As we were in the car, I asked him if he was nervous and he told me that he was, but only a little.

Spartan Daily
Inking is everywhere, but it's not for everyone - Spartan Daily

How do you feel about tattoos? Have you thought of getting any? Have you thought about how it would feel? How many tattoos do you have on your body? Tattoos may be referred to as "ink," "pieces," "skin art," "tattoo art," "tats" or "work," according to...

Spartan Daily
Life of a wheelchair traveler - Spartan Daily

As I go down the aisle of the plane toward the bathroom in my wheelchair, I can sense the stares of the other passengers. This is one of the challenges of traveling with a disability. I have cerebral palsy and have been traveling since I was about nine years old.

Spartan Daily
How is construction affecting you? - Spartan Daily

We go about our lives on campus not knowing if we will see the Student Union and other buildings actually completed. With the expansion of the Student Union, students will get features such as a new food court, theater and student program space.