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Tabi Thoughts
6 Reasons Why I'm A Hopeful Romantic (Not A Hopeless Romantic)

If you've ever read the plot of a romance novel or romcom, it's likely you've come across the phrase "hopeless romantic" more than once. You may have also stumbled upon this phrase within the lyrics of a love song, while reading the intro of a friend's Facebook page, or even out of your mouth as a way of describing yourself.

Tabi Thoughts
10 Reasons You Should Be Grateful For Being Ghosted

If you're somehow unfamiliar with ghosting, consider yourself lucky. Ghosting is the act of disappearing on someone you were dating, talking to, or in a relationship with. It occurs when a romantic prospect or partner decides to cut off all communication with the other person.

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9 Fears I Have About Losing My Virginity That Are Keeping Me Celibate

Sex is amazing, erotic, loving, exhilarating, mind blowing, electric, wonderful and possibly addicting... or so I've heard. I have yet to experience it, but I would have to be deaf to not hear about the sex lives of my friends, or even random strangers at bars.

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22 Songs From The 90s And Early 2000s With The Best Lyrical Advice

It's a wonderful, semi-magical feeling when you discover a new song that really strikes a chord with you; a song that instantly becomes your loyal "feel good" song, or speaks volumes with how you're feeling at that exact moment in your life. But what's even better than discovering new music, is rediscovering music you once knew.

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Selfies Are Ruining The Art Of Conversation In The Dating World

Once, I shamelessly sent a text to a guy that said, "Show me your soul instead of your selfies." As expected, he quickly replied with a confused "Lol...what?!" Although my text might have been worded strangely, or maybe was just plain weird, my underlying message still stands.

Can Romantic Comedies Improve Your Marriage? Recent Research Says Yes

New research gives you an excuse to lure your partner into seeing that rom-com with you. Fall 2014 brings the release of yet another Nicholas Sparks novel-turned movie The Best Of Me. While chick flick lovers are rejoicing, rom-com haters are simultaneously sighing. I've heard complaints many times from my girl and guy friends alike.

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7 Lessons You Learn When You're The Perpetually Single Friend

I have always been a late bloomer to love. When my friends first started dating as teens, I was the one stuck fantasizing about my first celebrity crush, Jesse McCartney. Don't get me wrong: Jesse McCartney was - and still is - a babe, but as a 16-year-old, I felt secluded from a whole new world that my friends had already entered.

PixiKill - Sensational Pop Sister Duo

PixiKill is a sensational sister duo consisting of Jewel & Blaire Restaneo. This talented pair flew into the music scene in 2011. Since then, they have self-penned a five-track debut EP entitled "The Luring," performed at many popular venues, and have been raved about in the media.

Edgy Pop by Jake Hyndman-Whittier of Something Like Kites

Something Like Kites is a musician from Canada. His artist name Jake Hyndman-Whittier of "Something Like Kites" has a very profound and inspiring meaning. According to his Facebook page, the name's signifies how " We are all free in life, but tied down by constraints and subject to others.

Chat with Radio Host Sasha Marina

Sasha Marina is her name, and you won't want to forget it. This stunning Cuban-American is successfully paving her own path to stardom! This gorgeous, ambitious and multitalented young woman pursues each and every one of her talents! After obtaining an Associate in Arts degree in Drama, she is now pursuing a B.A.

Experimental Rock Musician - George Barnett

"Just write and write - keep doing it until you get really good at it. And enjoy it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you're happy with it." George Barnett, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Guitarist & Drummer from Britain George Barnett is sweeping the nation.

Indie Pop Sensation - Caitlyn Scarlett

"Ask any guy, a girl with a head on her shoulders is so sexy! Boys love a challenge, someone they can have an intellectual conversation with as well as mindless banter. "Caitlyn Scarlett, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist & Guitarist from Britain 18 year old U.K singer-songwriter Caitlyn Scarlett is taking the world by storm.

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