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A communications professional interested in research on the intersection of technology and society.

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State of the Art Reports

The State of the Art reports provide an overview of the normative and institutional state of art of ICT-mediated citizen participation in various countries. They provide an overview of the political and civic liberties framework, the landscape of ICT-mediated citizen engagement; and delve into the implications of technology mediations for deliberative democracy and transformative citizenship.

Issue Papers & Briefs

A Citizenship in Crisis: Voice, Welfare and Other Contestations in the Digital State Anita Gurumurthy, Deepti Bharthur, Nandini Chami This paper examines the nature of e-governance in India, presents the implications of the changing nature of governance and state-citizen engagement particularly for groups at the margins, and makes suggestions for a digitalisation that strengthens participatory democracy in the country.

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Syriza party will 'never ratify' TTIP - /The Rules

It has been few weeks since the Syriza party won elections and formed the government in Greece. They've not wasted any time to confirm their decision on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) As reported by this story in CommonDreams, the party has said that it will 'never ratify' the deal.

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Is the Game of Thrones Telling us Something about Climate Change? - /The Rules

Like millions of people across the world, I tune-in to watch the mega TV series, Game of Thrones every week. Season 5 episode 8 seemed more than just a story of Westeros to me If you haven't watched the episode 8 of season 5 or the Game of Thrones TV series yet, then please don't read beyond this point because spoilers are coming.

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A Forest of Fortune: Picking Community over Corporations - /The Rules

Coal mining corporations, with help from governments, continue aquire precious, even ancient #forests either forcefully or through manipulation of forest and land right laws in developing countries. They offer hundreds and thousands of dollars to forest dependent communities, just to take over and destroy the forests.

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World Bank Doing Business Rankings Global Protest - /The Rules

On October 10, the World Bank met for its Annual General Meeting in Washington DC. We were right outside, not just in DC, but all over the world, condemning and demanding the end of the World Bank's doing business rankings.

Greenpeace India: A decade with the Earth

We are ten! This is the simplest way of saying it. A decade of existence makes it sound a bit grand and a little old. But ten is not old, it's young and lively.

Greenpeace India
This Earth day, we made it Mahan

'We did it.' There's a cheerful ring to this phrase even without the exclaimation mark. Today's edition of the Business Standard in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal and Ahmedabad has a full page ad asking our future government. 'Will you save Mahan's forest from mining?'It's a special ad on a special day.

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'Not a very Green Revolution': Truth From India's Fields. - /The Rules

If we are to believe the textbooks, the #Green Revolution in #India in the 1960s was the best thing that happened to the country. Page after page is dedicated to the praise of the introduction of chemical intensive farming and high yielding variety of crops.

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The World Bank Displaced a Population Roughly the Size of Berlin - /The Rules

If we draw a list of groups championing the ideology of neo-liberal capitalism, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) will find a place right at the beginning. Their poverty alleviation and development programmes have only created more poverty. Of course there are a few who have benefitted.

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As part of the Just Net Coalition, IT for Change helped develop draft input text on the human rights obligations of digital TNCs, for an international legally binding instrument on Transnational Corporations. This will be submitted to the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises...

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9x9: Nine little films about food and farming - /The Rules

A Festival of Seeds covers the Great Seed Festival which took place in October, 2014. The festival was organised to raise awareness of the importance of seed, and to celebrate seed, food and biodiversity. In this film we hear some of most progressive voices in the UK's movement against corporate food plutocracy.

Coal versus Forest

Story so Far. The Republic of Junglistan, a nation of those who want to save the forests from coal mining, came into being in 2011. Sheroo and Bhaloo from the Republic toured the country asking people to become citizens of Junglistan.

Ghost writing- direct mailers

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The Keralan Cowboy: Conserving Indian Cows - /The Rules

As with almost all agricultural policy throughout the world, it seems that life-changing decisions are being made based purely on profit. Detached academics, policy makers and economists seem determined to destroy what has taken many thousands of years to develop. This greed for profit, for growth at any cost is not just a threat to our #food and #farming.

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When the world challenged The Bank - /The Rules

"For anyone to truly shake things up, they would need to alter the logic of the system itself. They would need to change its pattern." The One Party Planet The good news is that patterns are changing. It is people like you and me who are changing them.

Greenpeace India
First hand account of the activists' arrest in Mahan

I asked them why were they here, at this hour? They said, "You will find out soon."We woke-up to the sound of loud knocking on our door. It took us a few minutes to realize what was happening. It was around 12.00 at night.

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