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I'm a writer with a flexible and creative writing style aiming to showcase the beauty of the written word.

Currently, I work as a tech writer who specialises in writing about CRM, marketing, and customer service software and trends.

My writing is complimented by a love of music. I am an audiophile with a podcast dedicated to talking about music, with experience doing voice over video work.



GetApp Lab
Bots for customer service: charge 'em up or power 'em down?

Questions about AI often lead to answers that sound like they're coming from a bot. Case in point: I reached out to an AI expert when researching this article who, quite astutely, has a Messenger bot that answers PR requests. The idea seems novel in practice (why shouldn't an AI aficionado use a chatbot to answer questions?)

GetApp Lab
What is a brand story, and how can you tell yours?

Here's a familiar scenario: you're sitting around with a bunch of your friends, daydreaming about how great it would be to be self-employed millionaires. You start brainstorming ideas for starting a business together- maybe a delicious sandwich shop, or a bar with a quirky name and no last call.

GetApp Lab
Why it's time to start using customer analytics

Customer service is at a crossroads. The convergence between humans and machines means that while businesses are trying to automate, people are craving human contact to resolve their customer service issues. Bridging the gap between these opposing forces means finding a happy medium between high tech and human touch.

Less Painful Lessons: GetApp's 2nd Year As Content Marketers

Last year, I wrote a piece reflecting on our first year as content marketers at GetApp. As an editorial team writing about tips and trends in the software market, we're part of a larger marketplace that helps business find software. ... Continued


Fitness apps and location tracking: risk or reward?

I use Moves daily. The iOS and Android app that tracks your movements by foot, bike, and private or public transport has been a staple on my iPhone ever since I downloaded it roughly a year ago. Browsing through my daily stats the other day, I realized something glaringly obvious.

Why Facebook Messenger permissions aren't unique or dangerous

People are up in arms over Facebook's migration to Facebook Messenger. Aside from the fact that some people just hate change, there's also been an uproar over the permissions being requested by Facebook Messenger for Android devices.

How Bomberbot is teaching kids to code

For those who didn't grow up in the internet age, a line of code might seem like a string of random characters hastily put together with virtually no logic or pattern. On the contrary, code is the basis of every programming language that's used to create the webpages, apps, and games we use on a daily basis.

What's all the yakking about Yik Yak?

With a name like 'Yik Yak' (and an actual yak as the app icon), you'd be hard pressed to figure out exactly why the app is making waves across US college campuses. Simply put, Yik Yak is to the college community what Secret was to the tech community: a way to share things anonymously with people in your 'network'.


Music On Repeat
Podcast Ep. 12- 'It doesn't take a genius to have a good time' with Ishaq F.

Keeping the good times rolling, Ishaq F. of Austin garage rock duo brother sports sits down with Suzie Q. in Washington, DC to talk beat making, band naming, and the importance of simply having a good ol' time playing music. Check out the episode below or download it on iTunes and Stitcher.

Music On Repeat
Podcast Ep. 10- Spanish Songs and Indie Influences with Abel B.

Suzie Q talks to the human "Discover Weekly", Abel Bueno, about Spanish break-up songs, why Malaga used to be the hot place for indie music, and how even Canadian indie artists are inspired by the Costa del Sol. Check out the episode below or download on iTunes and Stitcher.

Music On Repeat
Podcast Ep.8- Say Bonjour to Monsieur Shwill

Suzie Q talks to artist Monsieur Shwill (aka. Louis R.) about his musical reawakening via Donny Hathaway, the influence of Jimi Hendrix on learning the guitar, and his career path towards becoming a composer. Check it out below or download the episode on iTunes and Stitcher.

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