Susie Norris

Food & Travel Writer; Cookbook Author

I am a food and travel writer, forever on the road. My goal in writing is to teach you something about chocolate, desserts, pastry arts, cities, nature, literature, or cuisine. That's probably a legacy from my years as a Pastry Chef/Instructor at culinary school in Los Angeles. I whisk you into different cultures, explore social relevance we might find, and celebrate the interesting people involved in interesting food. This portfolio is an archive of my articles and reviews, including those about my cookbooks, CHOCOLATE BLISS (Random House/Celestial Arts, 2008) and HAND-CRAFTED CANDY BARS (with Susan Heeger; Chronicle, 2013), and the latest, A BAKER'S PASSPORT (Amazon, January 2019). My stories offer new recipes or insights into culinary classics; or maybe a travel tip like "Visit the French Alps!" which are pictured behind these words. FOOD MARKET GYPSY (, my travel blog, chronicles these adventures and won the IACP Digital Media Award, 2016. I served as a television executive for many years, and have written for Dessert Professional Magazine & Zester Daily among others. I look for collaborations on story concepts, familiarity trips, reviews, junkets and those who share the philosophy that baking and breaking bread are important, humorous, and life-affirming pursuits.



The Times

Look what we made earlier . . . yummy home-made chocolate Easter treats | The Times

Children of smug parents won't be eating cheap eggs this Easter - they'll be feasting on home-made gourmet chocs My sugar thermometer doesn't get a lot of use, to be frank. Yes,...

Food Market Gypsy

Beckoned By Black Forest Cake in Berlin - Food Market Gypsy

Seriously, this was a business trip. We HAD to find a quality slice of Black Forest Cake even though it was sought only by old-fashioned, German-language-less tourists like me....

Food Market Gypsy

Southern Green Beans in Appalachia - Food Market Gypsy

Late-summer cicadas craft the music of Kentucky with long rattling notes. My borrowed tee shirt has familiar Ashland Tomcats on the front. I don't remember ever having such a...

More Magazine

The Gift I Gave Myself

Food Market Gypsy

Zipping Up the Paradox In Paris - Food Market Gypsy

If you've been on a dessert-tasting tour of central Europe for 2 weeks, the dress shops of Paris frighten you. Over-crowded museums in summer heat are suddenly urgent on your...

Food Market Gypsy

Something Fishy in Finland - Food Market Gypsy

Because it was selected as one of the top ten food markets ever by Food Lover's Guide to the World from Lonely Planet, my expectations for the Helsinki Fish Market were running...

Food Republic

Caramel Pecan Tortoises Recipe - Food Republic

Directions For the milk-chocolate caramel: Put the ice in a large bowl and set aside. Place the sugar and water in a medium saucepan. Stir the mixture until it resembles wet...

Food Market Gypsy

Moonlight Oysters in Boston - Food Market Gypsy

"Listen to me. There is no more money," said my boss Sam, a stylish, 60-ish adman in his corner office near the Boston waterfront. A steady parade of us (copywriters, art...


Hand-Crafted Candy Bars

Hand-Crafted Candy Bars has 78 ratings and 12 reviews. Sarah said: This was a Goodreads First Reads win.If you are looking for a book to teach you how ...

Food Market Gypsy

Feeding Refugees in Hungary - Food Market Gypsy

In the wake of a large earthquake in Los Angeles in the 1990's that followed a wave of race riots, I wrestled with the constitution of my character. What purpose did I serve...

Food Market Gypsy

Sachertorte mit globalism in Vienna - Food Market Gypsy

I know, I know...Vienna has always been a cosmopolitan city. But we approached it as a dessert capital - a singular exemplar; a province of old-world excellence. If other...