Susan Ardoff

Content Designer/Information Developer/Technical Writer

Location icon United States

I am an energetic information designer & writer who is dedicated to providing quality information in a manner that promotes a successful user experience.

Technical Skills: DITA, Oxygen, XML, HTML, Arbortext, AQL, JAQL, Basic SQL, Rest APIs, Hadoop enterprise environment, Agile development, Accessibility design and testing, Rational Team Concert, Team Foundation Server, ADDIE model, Learning methodologies, Human Performance Technology, User testing, Online training, Curriculum design, User-centered design, E-learning, Group facilitation, Camtasia, Captivate, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Video production, Focus groups, Survey development, Quality assurance testing, Classroom training,Technical writing, User-interface design


Interactive Graphics

IBM Knowledge Center InfoSphere BigInsights
InfoSphere BigInsights Text Analytics lifecycle

This interactive graphic explores the end-to-end lifecycle of developing and using Text Analytics extractors against the InfoSphere® BigInsights™ cluster and visualizing its results. The Information Development team created 8 of these graphics to orientate the user to common tasks visually. Recognized with a corporate Usability Design award.

IBM Knowledge Center InfoSphere BigInsights
Security Interactive Graphic

This interactive graphic outlines the security architecture for the product.

Online Content

User Guide

This user guide is for a product that offers diversion analytics to healthcare customers. This is an example of material that was individually authored.

IBM InfoSphere Knowledge Center Streams
Text Toolkit

This PDF for dark shops details the operator that is used to run Annotation Query Language (AQL) queries over text documents, and describes the plugins for developing AQL queries.

IBM Knowledge Center InfoSphere BigInsights
Integrating the Teradata Connector for Hadoop

This content explains how the user can use the Teradata Connector for Hadoop to move data between the InfoSphere® BigInsights™ distributed file system and a Teradata database.

IBM Knowledge Center InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0
Administering applications by using the REST APIs

You can use REST API commands to complete administrative tasks for applications, such as deploying, running, deleting, and listing applications.

IBM BigInsights v 3.0
Text Analytics Reference Information

The AQL Reference Guide was written in collaboration with a key developer. The associated Javadocs were created in conjunction with another writer and the development team.

UI & Embedded Assistance

Omnicell Analytics | Omnicell

Omnicell Analytics is a diversion analytics tool that streamlines the process of managing potential drug diversion across a health system. Provided marketing, development and UX information services to create all labels, strings, messages, and assistance in the product.

IBM Knowledge Center
Preinstallation checker utility messages

Examples of the 300 plus error messages that were written for this utility. These particular messages needed more information for the user to solve the issue, therefore they were highlighted in the Knowledge Center. Although error codes are no longer industry standard, these were embedded in-product with external details.


Technical Marketing

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