Summer Dowd-Lukesh

Student at Scripps College

I study French and Political Science at Scripps College where I also write for The Claremont Port Side.


Blog Posts

The Claremont Port Side
Contraceptives in Claremont

An investigative report examining the kinds of birth control used on my college campus, analyzing the effect of the Affordable Care Act on our campus.

The Claremont Port Side
Best Signs from Occupy LA

A quick photo essay that compiles some of the most interesting Occupy LA signs I encountered on my visit.

The Claremont Port Side
Gay History in California Textbooks

A basic piece of reporting on Governor Brown's approval of a bill to require LGBT history in California history textbooks, this article was circulated on several conservative religious websites and received lots of incensed and passionate (interesting) comments.

Print Editions

The Claremont Port Side
Help Wanted!

Traditional on-campus recruiting is exclusive and expensive

Campus Progress
Colleges or Country Clubs?

As colleges compete to provide lavish housing, equipment, and amenities, student fees continue to skyrocket.

The Claremont Port Side
Defining Consent

What constitutes sexual assault is dangerously ambiguous at the 5Cs

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