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Summer Anne Lee

Writer, Photographer, Model

Location icon United States of America

Summer Lee is an undergraduate student and Brooklyn native. In the style of a true Virgo, she has poured over perfecting her prose since the tender age of twelve - and has found passion in its pursuit. Summer is a fashion-enthusiast, photographer, model, political activist, and feminist killjoy. Additionally, she is an avid coffee drinker, and has been told she is far too literal.
Summer writes for LUCY'S Magazine, a print fashion and beauty publication, and is a content creator for

An art history examination of Met Gala looks

Unfortunately, the significance behind Del Rey's blue feather headdress remains a bit of a mystery. Her eyeball accessory, however, is not! This is in reference to Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind. It is said that her eyes were removed before her death (either by herself or by her executors).

LUCY'S Magazine
An Interview With Stella Rose Saint Clair

Stella Rose Saint Clair is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, whose sense of fashion is as playful as it is perplexing. While remaining delightful and fun, her designs are laced with a sense of danger - as well as social commentary. She is a lover of vintage styles, especially that of the 1960’s, yet her fashion designs are completely apart from anything in a thrift shop. Some of Stella’s most recent prints were inspired by baby blankets, garden parties, and punk rock. Most...

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An Interview With Samantha Pleet

On a chilly afternoon in Brooklyn, I sat down with Samantha in her beautiful home to inquire about her inspirations, motivations, and musings on motherhood.

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An Interview With Ilse Valfré

Ilse Valfré is a Mexican-American fashion designer and illustrator, raised in Tijuana, Mexico, and currently residing in Los Angeles. Ilse founded her namesake brand, Valfré, in 2013, after her artwork became extremely popular on Tumblr. Her illustrations and designs perfectly encapsulate the young woman’s complex relationship with confidence and vulnerability. Her retro style and feminist message has grabbed a great amount of press attention: she has been featured by Vogue, Teen Vogue, The...

LUCY'S Magazine
An Interview With Hannah Kristina Metz

Hannah Kristina Metz is a lifelong fashion lover, first from Ottawa, Ontario, then California, and now Brooklyn, New York. A previous vintage buyer for American Apparel and Urban Outfitters and vintage shop owner in Pasadena, Hannah’s love for vintage fashion is detectable in her namesake clothing line. Hannah’s brand, H.K.M., features clothing collections in tribute to her favorite stories, such as Tristan and Iseult, Wuthering Heights, Anne Of Green Gables, and A Room With A View. Her...

French alternative fashion focus: meet Océane

Meet Océane, a Parisian art student and fashion lover. I discovered her through her Instagram page, where she consistently posts snapshots of her outfits, accessories, and inspirations. Océane dresses in a manner that might actually qualify her as a private art gallery.

LUCY'S Magazine
An Interview With Clio Sage

Clio presented her Spring/Summer ’17 line, “TESSELLATIONS,” at Vancouver Fashion Week, and as a Fall/Winter ’17 line, “FUSIONS,” at New York Fashion Week. She discussed with me in detail the emotional differences she felt between both shows, and expressed excitement about her current project and her goals for the future. Clio continues to explore her identity as an artist, all the while being celebrated as a rising star in the design world.

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