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I'm doing graduation in English Literature from Islamabad, Pakistan. Her life revolves around vivid imaginations, frothy mugs of coffee and daydreaming. She loves midnight lights and foggy winters.

The Woman Inc.
That Gut Feeling

Are women naturally intuitive or do men too stand a chance of honing these mysterious skills? Sumayyah Malik dives into the the realm of intuition and brings us some answers. Most women are naturally intuitive. A woman's intuitive competence has been celebrated from time immemorial. Women are known to have a distinct sense of...

The Woman Inc.
Will You Still Love Me If...

What if we accepted ourselves and others exactly the way we and they are right now? Acceptance isn't about fatalism; it's about genuine empathy and appreciation. When we practice unconditional love and acceptance, it doesn't mean that we are resigned to our share in life or that things can't or won't change in a...

Picaroon Poetry
Deranged (A Picaroon Poetry Anthology)

Deranged was originally a response to the claim by one critic that women writers calling out sexism were 'deranged poetesses'. It grew into something much more than that. These are poems about rule-breaking, gender nonconformity, and women in the arts by Roxanna Bennett, Sarah Pritchard, Orooj-e-Zafar, Catherine Ayres, Angela Readman, QWD, Rebecca Audra Smith, Abigail Carl-Klassen, Jane Burn,...

2016 Popular Asiatic Literature: Eastlit top poetry & fiction etc

A very Happy New Year to all Eastlit's readers, contributors and our team. Following what is becoming a tradition, here is the 2016 top thirty. This is now the fourth look at what is popular for a year. It is also the second time we have included the work from the Southlit Supplement that goes with every issue of Eastlit.

The Feminist Wire
EMERGING FEMINISMS, the weird poet's ramblings - The Feminist Wire

By Sumayyah Malik "A tribute to weirdom" i'm going to spread the primrose smell off myself, and will sprout today, like Jack's beanstalk that spells herself weird: weirdom waxed my womb as a kid, it ringed wonder up in my waist and weaved me as a woman. i'm an imagery ...

Memory Lane. Eastlit May 2016. Asian Poetry

I'm jet-lagged from a long journey of a haunted house Summery days shadowed with storytelling of Wintery sunlight savoured with butter-smeared While hugging A A green Chutney by Flashbacking a once picture-perfect childhood; Nano Hugging me back to sleep, Relishing my cravings back to rest, Roti and Saag, I'm two-pony headed again.

Revolution Flame
Blogger and Extrovert- A Chat with Somaya Malik

in7 Somaya is an undergraduate student majoring in literature at leading Pakistani university Intl. Islamic University. Hailing from Islamabad, in her poetry she focuses on the random candid daily moments of the day which the common eye might not notice.

Fresh: Enigma of Four Elements by Sumayyah Malik

Enigma of Four Elements The 4am ice-candy water; Cried with a steamy laughter in my heart Cried for existence or non-existence? Grunted with a snorty sob in my chest Grunted for presence or absence? The 4am blackened fire; Rushing into that cobwebbed, deserted spine Rushing for life or death?

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