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Journalist, photographer

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I served as a photojournalist in the Alaska Air National Guard for 5 years, highlighting the stories of men and women who serve their state one weekend a month. Today I am a public affairs officer in the 168th Wing. I have reported and served as an editor for The Western Front, The Planet magazine and Read the Dirt blog in Bellingham, Washington. My work can also be found in Warriors Magazine, an Alaska state Army and Air Guard publication, and Arctic Warrior, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson's weekly newspaper.

Alaska Air National Guardsmen support those who have served

August 19, 2013 By: Airman 1st Class Francine St. Laurent FAIRBANKS, Alaska- Veterans rushed to have their blood sugar tested before flocking to enjoy a hearty breakfast prepared and served by members of the 168th Air Refueling Wing. It's all part of the Veteran Stand Down, held Aug.

The Western Front
Stand up on your soapbox: Western students address reliance on technology

"Soapbox," an original Western Theatre Department production, examines the impacts modern technology, social media and an evolving food culture have on a person's happiness, said Rich Brown, director of "Soapbox." The show centers around how people fill immaterial needs with material things, Brown said.

The Planet
Natural Influences

The air inside the building is too hot. In response, the facility's floor-to-ceiling windows automatically open outward to inhale a cooler breeze. Outside, passerby get a glimpse of blue sky between gaps in a sea of solar panels overhead. The Bullitt Center, the world's most energy-efficient commercial building, is one small facet of Seattle's urban ecosystem.

168th ARW aircrews sharpen skills while supporting NATO mission

Photo by Airman 1st Class Francine St Laurent An E-3A AWACS makes contact with a 168th Air Refueling Wing KC-135 boom 14 times during a training mission Oct. 8, 2014, from Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany. (Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Francine St.

Klipsun Magazine
Re-purposeful Preservation

Giving new life to old structures STORY BY FRANCINE ST. LAURENT Katie Franks jumps into the water at the bottom of the abandoned limestone quarry in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. She swims around with her high school friends as ancient industrial equipment stands guard. It hasn't moved in years.

The Western Front
Sticky Situations: Behind the scenes of gum clean-up

In a few months, Karl Klokkevold, a custodian in the Viking Union, picks up several hundred pieces of gum mashed between bricks and flattened on the sidewalk. "Every day, I find at least one squished piece of gum," Klokkevold said. "If you walk around campus and intentionally look for gum, you'd be surprised; there's a lot of it."

168th Medical Group Airmen train at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Courtesy Story By Senior Airman Francine St. Laurent LANDSTUHL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, Germany - Airmen from the Alaska National Guard's 168th Medical Group spent two weeks at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany gaining real-world experience and training to support the Air National Guard mission.

The Western Front
On stage overseas: students thrive while performing abroad

Western Washington University junior Katie Pease peered from behind a sheet strung between two coat hangers, tucked in the corner of the barn. Thirty people sat elbow-to-elbow in a semicircle around the small stage, close enough for her to touch. It was the first time the theater student had been out of the country.

The Western Front
County Council approves boat-inspection fee on Lake Whatcom

The inspection program aims to prevent aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussles, quagga mussels, New Zealand mudsnails, Eurasian watermilfoil and Asian clams from entering Lake Whatcom, said Kathy Kershner, Whatcom County Council member. "We don't want to pay the millions of dollars to deal with the mussels and clams that clog up the water system," Kershner said.