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So you found me! But who exactly am I?

My name is Christina. I have been writing since the ripe young age of 4 (seriously, I still have poems and short stories boxed up somewhere that I wrote as a little girl!). Since writing is my passion, I pursued and earned my Bachelor of Arts in English from CSU, Fresno, and completed the first year of the MFA Fiction Writing Program.

I've spent many, many years in the field of business administration and accounting and only recently began my journey to build a career as a copywriter and creative content writer.

My time in the business field wasn't useless, though. If copywriting goes with marketing and marketing goes with business, then I just came onto the scene through a different door. I have taken my master skills of organization and time management with me into the field of copywriting and marketing, where I will produce copy and content that generate sales and attention (all in a timely and efficient manner!).

So that's the gist of it! I love storytelling in all forms, and that's that.

Reach out if you are in need of a writer! Connect with me via LinkedIn using the icon below.


Published Short Stories

Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine
Der Schuh

Scholarly Papers

Video Game Articles

Video Games And-Wait, Another Darn Tutorial?

You've been waiting for the release of this new game for months, possibly even years. Today, it finally hits the shelves. You pick up a copy, tear off the shrink-wrapped plastic, and insert the disc into your console. You wait for the file to download. You wait patiently. Then it's ready.

Far Cry 5: How the Infamous Capture Parties Prevent Immersion

The Far Cry series is pretty formulaic. Each game employs the same set of standards, methods, gameplay sequences, and plot devices, from monologuing villains, to scaling watchtowers, to endless drug-induced hallucinations. Perhaps some players appreciate this surety, this guarantee of what to expect in a Far Cry game.

Naughty Dog Doin' it Right: How to Bring a Series to an End

All good things must come to an end. Naughty Dog, the developer that brought us games like Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and The Last of Us, has proven itself time and again to be a practitioner of this philosophy. Naughty Dog is a professional at bowing out gracefully and knowing when to call it quits.

An Abundance of Remasters: Originality in the Gaming Industry

There are some games that are just too amazing to be forgotten. Whether it be the story, the characters, the gameplay, or everything combined, gaming publishers and their fans know when a game has made its mark. But alas, even the best games only enjoy a certain amount of fame and time in the immediate spotlight.

Bioshock and the Illusion of Choice in Gaming

Choice in video games is not a new concept. Many games produced these days offer nonlinear storylines which allow the player to make a moral choice for his or her character during gameplay. Will you restore order or wreak havoc? Will you seek vengeance or promote justice?

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