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Freelance writer with a passion for maximising human potential. Inspired by health, beauty, food, and travel.

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The Freedom Philosophy
My process and favourite systems for a flawless content production process.

Creating content for The Freedom Philosophy blog used to be a crapshoot. But once I got a strategy in place it became easier to create AND more effective at helping me achieve my business goals. Content production is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Your workflow and systems must enhance both.

The Freedom Philosophy
Your New-Fangled Content Promotion Strategy In 3 Simple Steps

If I could go back to January 2014 and start over there is ONE thing I would do differently. I would produce LESS content. What I did produce I would have promoted BETTER. Most people - me included - invest disproportionate time & energy in creating content, but fall short when it comes to promotion.

The Freedom Philosophy
Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Simple Questions | Stephanie Holland

Content Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It can help you: Build a relationship between your audience and your brand. Transform your audience into customers. Leverage the most coveted forms of marketing since the dawn of time: word of mouth. (Or as we so eloquently in Marketing speak call it 'WOM'.)

The Freedom Philosophy
Content Marketing Demystified: A Quick & Simple Introduction

At its best, it's the most powerful way to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. A relationship that helps you achieve the big picture goals like profit and impact. Content Marketing is the BEST way to turn an audience into customers and brand ambassadors. Click To Tweet And it's everywhere.

My Books

Wiley Publishers
Understanding Y

Understanding Y: #andYyoushould provides a refreshingly comprehensive and candid account of the current disconnect between reality and perception surrounding the Millennial cohort. I contributed a chapter about the Millennial desire to make the world a better place through for-profit business with a social DNA.

Startup Strategy & Culture

The Freedom Philosophy
Forget How to Write a Business Plan; Write a Business Clarity Plan Instead

A business plan can be a gigantic hurdle until you realise that you don't really need a traditional one. But before we can answer the question: 'How do you write a business plan?' we have to ask: "What exactly is it?!" Traditionally it's a written document that outlines your business goals and your plan for achieving them.

The Freedom Philosophy
Moving Beyond the Safety Net of Your Corporate Job: 5 Tools You'll Want

There are two angles from which can approach your business. The first and most obvious is in terms of the products + services, processes, systems and structure that help it run like a well-oiled machine. You can set these up in a way that maximises the time you want to invest and / or in a way that generates passive income.

The Freedom Philosophy
10 Reasons You Don't Need An Advertising Budget to Start & Grow Your Empire

Starting a business can to be very expensive when you spend money on the wrong things. An advertising budget is assumed to be an essential factor in your startup costs. But when you're bootstrapping your business from scratch with your own money, an advertising budget can be a waste of your startup funds.

The Freedom Philosophy
Before You Run Out of Money for Your Business, Do These 5 Things

I've come close to running out of money a few times so I've developed a few strategies for making it last longer and cashing up. But first remind yourself: it's never the end of anything, your life, your business or the world. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: All life is an experiment.

Absolutely on Purpose: A Manifesto

Blindsided by a culture of bigger, better, faster and seduced into wanting more, more, more, we’re distracted from what matters to us the most, and how to use that awareness to leave an imprint on the heart of humanity.


HuffPost UK
Five No-Brainer Strategies to Work Less and Travel More

Quitting your job without some kind of game-plan might sound exciting to some, but for others it brings on palpitations and hives. The perfect solution for you exists somewhere along a sliding scale where risk is directly proportionate to the degree of freedom you desire.

HuffPost UK
How to Unleash Your Creative Genius

There's no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. Yes, some of us have an obvious 'raw' talent, but the rest of us have the same potential for unlimited creativity as soon as we discover what our innate talent is.

HuffPost UK
Five Ways to Plan More Freedom Into Your Career and Your Life

Did you know that the word 'career' can be used to describe both your vocation and a lack of control? When you google the definition of career it describes it first as 'an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress' and second as 'move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.'

HuffPost UK
The Proverbial Ladder: Are You Climbing the Right Wall?

Climbing the ladder of success is a double-edged sword. We think we have our eye on the prize and spend all our time, energy, resources and focus on reaching it, but we're at the top, there is a chance we might find it was leaning against the wrong wall.

The Freedom Philosophy
So You're Thinking of Quitting Your Job to Start a Business?

You have an idea and you're serious about starting a business. So what can you be doing while you're still in the corporate world (or your version of the 9-5)? How can you set the foundation for future success before quitting your job?

HuffPost UK
How to Discover Your Unique Talents

When you work on something that you are attracted to, your natural creativity to design, problem solve or manage can emerge regardless of whether it's what is traditionally regarded as a creative industry or not. - Jyoti Morningstar, founder of WE'AR Yoga Clothing You are talented beyond your wildest imagination.

HuffPost UK
Are You Bringing Your Gifts and Talents to the Table?

Your unique gifts and talents are innate. Likely you are already using them. I'm talking about the ones that make you absolutely remarkable. Not the skills you list on your CV, but the ones that you did naturally as a kid; the ones your friends and family love you for; the ones that your colleagues admire you for; and the ones that we are waiting for you to share with the world.

Personal Development

HuffPost UK
What Is Hijacking Your Headspace?

In a switched-on world it's not about calming your mind. It's about tricking it into feeling like everything is under control. At least at first. Because overwhelm takes no prisoners, and new business owners are often dazzled by the excitement of getting started.

HuffPost UK
Three Factors Reshaping Our Attitude Towards 'Self-Help'

The desire for self-improvement is natural, even if we don't put it into action. We want to look healthier and more attractive, and be more fit. We might start eating more consciously, or working-out, or look into the latest skincare formulations.


Huffington Post UK
Why Travel Will Knock the Normal Out of You, and Why That's a Good Thing

It's easy to benchmark everything against what you consider normal in your hometown. You've spent years compiling a compendium of normal. You know what you like. You know what you love. You know how everything works. But, wait. This is called the comfort zone.
A Raw Love Affair With The City Of Brotherly Love

If Montreal, Amsterdam and East London had a love child who was raised in the US it would be Philadelphia. It might just be one of the best kept secrets in The United States.


Aromamuse Blog
Turned On Women Will Change the World

Nicole Daedone is taking on the onerous task of liberating our orgasm, for within it lies a fuller experience of life, deeper connection with our partners, and the key to changing the world

Independently published by The Raw Divas as part of their online health program offering.
10 Day Juice Cleanse Guide

Drinking your way to vibrant health, this guide covers everything you need to know to undertake a 10-Day Green Juice Cleanse.

It's Written All Over Your Face, published by The Raw Divas
Essentially Beautiful: Your DIY Guide to Immaculate Skin

Written as a summary collection of blog posts covering food for beautiful skin, this feature article rounds up the health aspect with a deep dive into the use of essential oils for maintaining beautiful skin.


Good Health
Green Juice

Packed with nutrients, green juices are a sugar-free alternative to fruit juice, says Stephanie Holland

Wellbeing Australia
Fungi of Youth

Reishi Mushrooms have an ancient reputation as being an elixir of immortality and modern medicine is beginning to understand why.

Good Health Magazine, Australia
Find Your Yoga Style

Keen to get into yoga but confused about which type to try? Stephanie Holland looks at seven popular styles to help you find the right one for you

Natural Health, UK
Get the Bliss Factor

The practice of meditation improves our mental and physical health, reduces stress and is even said to heal certain diseases. But how do you get started? Stephanie Holland explains all.

Wellbeing Magazine Australia
True Brew

For Turkish people, and in the lives of Turkish expats all over the world, coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a social and cultural connector and facilitator.

Wellbeing, Australia
Raw Power

If you're waiting for the raw revolution to quietly pass you by, you might have to be patient. Eating food in their natural states is a great way to nurture your body and lift your spirits, say the enthusiasts.

HuffPost UK
Intimate Confessions of a Lifestyle Vegetarian

"What? You eat meat? I thought you were vegetarian," stated my ex-boss, now friend, over lunch on Friday. It seems even though I have never claimed devout vegetarian status, news that I eat meat inspires the same reaction as if I've announced I'm a Catholic nun and - shock, horror!

Natural Health, UK
Go Raw for a Weekend

Switching to a raw food diet is a major step, so why not give it a try over the space of a weekend?

Yoga & Health, UK
Happy Feet

Healthy feet are the foundation of a strong yoga practice. Keep them nourished, nurtured and happy with essential oils


Wellbeing, Australia
Essential Beauty

Whether you create your own concoctions, or look for brands that incorporate them, using essential oils in skincare is a surefire way to create beautiful, nourished and youthful-looking skin.

Conscious Living, Australia
Conscious Beauty

Essential oils come tried and tested: for more than a thousand years observation and experience has proven their complex chemical nature provides active effects on the body. They are effective; they are safe; they make us feel great. Welcome to conscious beauty.