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Journalist for Real Life

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I've worked as a reporter/editor for a weekly award-winning newspaper, with an emphasis on promoting transparency in government entities such as education and municipal councils. My experience also includes writing features and varied editorials. I've regularly covered breaking news stories, crime, emergency scenes, weather, sports, business, education, health care, pets and community/special interest groups. I also enjoy utilizing social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I am an administrator for two Facebook groups I lead including "Beautiful Mess," an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder support and education page as well as "Save the Clintonville Pool," an organization designed to bring awareness to saving my hometown municipal swimming pool. I also have contributed to national log home and design magazines and industry blogs.

My Resume
My Resume

A compilation of my most recent work and volunteer experience

Clintonville Chronicle and Manawa Messenger
Portfolio of News Stories and Photos

Please enjoy a brief look into my portfolio of news stories and photographs, primarily featured in the Clintonville Chronicle, a weekly news publication that I worked for as a reporter/editor from 2011 to 2015. I do have many more, including a large handful in Google.pdf format for easy reading. Email me for more sample stories that went to print at [email protected]

Facebook- Clintonville Chronicle
2015 Local Heroes | Facebook

I photographed, edited and posted this entire collection of photos taken at area emergency scenes in late June 2015 in Clintonville Wisconsin while working as a local news reporter.

Facebook Awareness/Support Community Page
Save the Clintonville Pool

"Save the Clintonville Pool," is a community grassroots campaign and support/awareness social media page promoting saving the Clintonville Municipal Outdoor Pool. I am the founder and administrator of this organization.

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess, Marion, Wisconsin. 78 likes ยท 1 talking about this. Beautiful Mess is an advocate group for parents of children with ADHD that also have...

Country Chic
Country Chic Blog/Website

Country Chic is a website with blog that I designed for free on Weebly. It showcases some of my lifestyle, design ideas, recipes, and a series of my own local photographs taken around Northeast Wisconsin and Waupaca County, Wis.

Log Homes Illustrated Magazine
Grand Prize

This is a story I was asked to write under the pseudonym, Remy Dolan, because the subject matter was actually a home in Green Bay, Wis. that I did the interior design work for while working as a resident interior designer for Wisconsin Log Homes.....and I had to quote myself in an interview.
Improve Your Life with Feng Shui

This was an e-newsletter/web content post that I wrote while working as an interior designer at Wisconsin Log Homes. It is one of many, in a similar format.
Choosing Colors for Interior Design

Often, the marketing director at Wisconsin Log Homes would promote our services by having me submit various information pieces relevant to both those interested in the rustic lifestyle as well as other style genres to maximize our reach. This particular piece I put together was centered on color theory.

LogHome.Com Neighborhood Blog
Interior Design/Log Home Blog

While working as the resident interior designer for Wisconsin Log Homes, I collaborated with Neighborhood Blog, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed engaging with other people on the site.

Log Home Design Magazine
A Chat With Design Extraordinaire

This was a written interview I gave a writer for Log Home Design magazine, that was published in October, 2008. I married in 2010, so this story shows my previous last name.

Log Home Living Magazine
Higher Ground

This is a story written by another journalist about a home I did the interior design for. The photos show my design work and I am interviewed and quoted inside the story, on page four of the PDF (or page 45 of the magazine itself)

Cabin Life Magazine
Coordinating Colors for Your Cabin Interior

Although I did not write this piece, I was interviewed as an interior design expert and it is noted in this article that was published in Cabin Life Magazine, and online at

Dream Home Showcase Fall/Winter 2010
The Good Life

Again, this is a home that I did all the interior design work on, high on a mountain-top in West Virginia. I was not the author of this piece, but I am quoted in it, and the photographs show some of the spaces I helped to shape in this exceptional rustic home.