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Stephanie Hardy


With a unique blend of corporate, international, military, non-profit and freelance experience, I am seeking the next challenge in my career. Utilize my skills in writing, advertising, marketing, communication, training, leadership, management, strategy, public speaking and more.

I spent almost 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder, five years serving as an overseas missionary and several years in the non-profit world. I am a dynamic, high performance leader always striving for the highest level of excellence. I consistently hit the ground running, inspire others and produce results.

Call me a Writer, Advertising / Marketing / Communications Specialist, Trainer, Speaker, Leader, Manager, Community Director, Volunteer Conductor, Youth Ministry Professional, Teacher, Counselor, Program Administrator, Peacemaker, Soul Disturber, Mediator, Game Guru, Organizer...but above all, I am called to make an impact in my part of the world.

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