Stephanie Cher

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My name is Stephanie Cher and I am a recent graduate from Chapman University looking to work in the editorial, publishing, writing, and digital communication fields. I am highly passionate about working in fast paced companies with a focus on diversity and community.

20 Years Later - Coachella Brings Back '99 Vibes

Coachella 2019 is officially over and the analysis of what took place can now begin. The collective interest in attending this year's Coachella was strangely low, as substantiated by the excess amount of tickets available for resale, a situation unimaginable in previous years.

Crafts Made By Instinct - PIYOYO by PIYOYO

PIYOYO is 100% owned and operated by a mother daughter team located in Los Angeles, California! Their days are filled with coffee, creativity, and conversation, with an incessant love and bond for all things unique and handmade. Thank you for visiting and supporting our little shop! With love, Team PIYOYO

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