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Graduate student in the Media Arts Production MFA program at University at Buffalo.

I write and make art because it helps me understand the world. It forces me to become empathetic; to see everything in a constantly changing perspective. Most of all, my art pushes me out of my comfort zone and redefines my boundaries. And hopefully if I'm doing it right, it pushes the boundaries of the viewer, too.

“There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth.”
― Doris Lessing, Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, 1949




Essays and Articles

Sara Says Silly Things
BEHOLD: The Fearsome and DANGEROUS (female) NIPPLE!

Recently I had a photo removed from Instagram. It was a nude photo I took of myself in the shower of my partner's apartment. (His shower is waaaaay cooler than mine.) I edited it and threw it up on Instagram not really giving it a second thought.


Film Reviews

Sara Says Silly Things
Red Flag gets Red Flagged

As a former theatre major, I like to review films and plays according to standards loosely adapted from Aristotle's foundational Poetics. According to our Greek philosopher friend, there are six elements that construct a well-made play - or for the sake of this review, a well-made movie - but for reasons of constraint, I'll stick to three: plot, character,...

Sara Says Silly Things
Murder Party Review

If attending art school for the past three years has taught me anything, it's that art is subjective. Such subjectivity seems to be at the heart of Jeremy Saulnier's 2007 comedic horror film Murder Party. What constitutes as real art or not is what pushes a group of wayward self-proclaimed artists to lure an unsuspecting...

Sara Says Silly Things
The Bluebird of Happiness for Indie Critics

A slow-paced movie centered in an equally slow-paced town sort of seems like a death sentence for a feature-length film. Or so I thought when I sat down to watch Lance Edmands' 2013 indie flick Bluebird. After viewing this feature however, it's obvious that this is not the case.

Screenplays, Creative Writing, Etc.

Creatice Piece inspired by Rick Moody
Original Screenplay by Sara Stabley
Empty House


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