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Brand Strategist | Digital Marketing | Public Relations & Communications Professional

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At a young age, Sahar wrote short stories to put her imagination to words. Piece by piece, writing became a passion. Years later, the dedication never disappeared and Sahar found herself in Journalism school. She faced new battles and grew through them to become the writer she always wanted to be. Now, Sahar does what she loves everyday; writing, content creating, branding and strategizing to develop what she has worked hard for.


Samples of Work

City's Centre
The once and future news industry

The once and future news industry MacEwan University panel discussion concludes business may be in trouble, but craft is doing just fine

City's Centre
When Life Is Too Much to Bear

One woman's story is a stark, cautionary tale about the toll stress can take on the young By Sahar Saifee Trigger Warning: If you feel your mental health could be affected by reading about others, we advise you not to read further.

Edmonton Journal
Economic slowdown hasn't hurt sales for Alberta restaurants, bars

EDMONTON - Despite the economic downturn and rising food prices, Albertans are still eating and drinking at restaurants and bars. Statistics Canada reported Friday that in May of this year, the total receipts from Alberta food and beverage establishments hit $738 million, which tied the record high set in December of last year.

Photojournalism: Crowds gather to protest against Bill C-51

Cutline: Demonstrators assembled at Canada Place on March 14 against Bill C-51, the government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation. I strongly believe that photos can tell a story in a way that words cannot. Photojournalism is a big aspect of journalism so along with my passion for politics; I attended a protest against Bill C-51. I believe this particular photo sends a strong message about Canadian’s who are against the Bill. In addition, this photo demonstrates my skills in using a...

Sleep texting is the new and improved sleepwalking

If you have a smart phone, think about all the awkward moments you have experienced because you sent a message to the wrong person or the auto correct decided to change words for you, twisting around your conversation.

Edmonton Journal
'Weaponized' bacteria could be used in fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs

EDMONTON - New research has determined that drug-resistant bacteria, which causes tens of thousands of deaths annually, can become weaponized supersoldiers, and in doing so, lose their resistance to antibiotics. "Bacteria soldiers," a term used by University of Alberta researchers, explains how some bacteria cells are able to kill others.

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