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The CV goes visual (and virtual)

It's the summer after finals: the time in a student's life to celebrate the end of exams and to begin, if they haven't already, the job search. Graduates up and down the UK are looking for their perfect career after university has finished.

Opinions of a PR Addict
Opinions of a PR Addict

This week's blog post is all about PR disasters. 'CEO resigns', 'drugs scandal', 'horse burgers'. We have all come across a PR disaster and everyone loves reading about them; apart from, of course, the poor PRs in charge of the clean up! Why do we love them?

How to get a job in PR

How to get a job in PR by Sarah Stimson CreateSpace, 2013, 216 pages 'How to Get a Job in PR' is certainly not a misleading title. Its straight-talking career advice answers the big question on every aspiring PR pro's mind, "how do I really get a PR job?"

PR skills students earn without realising at university

Three months ago I was prepping myself for the final hurdle of university life- third year exams. Highlighting notes, reading books and writing essays were the tasks of the day. As you may guess, this is the typical life of an English Literature student.

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