Sophie Langley

Freelancer writer, yoga teacher

Location icon Australia

Sophie is an essayist and fiction writer. Her non-fiction writing often explores issues around food, wellbeing and environment; her fiction explores the way people deal with illness and death. She is currently two-thirds of the way through a Masters by Research, working on a creative non-fiction project about food waste that blends essay, sound, cultural theory and cooking/making practices.

Raised in the country, but living in the city, Sophie has a keen interest in the way we interact with the environment. She has worked in the media and advertising industries, but now teaches yoga and writes.



Emerging Writers' Festival: The Greenhouse Blog
Podcast: The Body of a Writer

The body of a writer. What's it like? How does it work? What does it feel like? How does it cope with regular life? What can it tell the writer about themselves? About how they write? How they are? An exploration of the rhythms of writing and of the body.


The Lifted Brow
Food Place

How we farm for Australia’s cities, how we eat when we’re in them, and what might have to change about those practices in the future.

Tabula Rasa
Creative non-fiction

Five years old, in a scratchy blue duffel coat and glasses, I would look out for the school bus from the top of our driveway. I'd stand next to my school bag, hands shoved in pockets, gazing in the direction the bus would come from, waiting.

Death of a Scenester, Issue 5

On being vegetarian, growing your own food, and the ethics of pest control

Voiceworks #77 Postscript


G Magazine
Where Our Food Comes From

(Co-written with Greg Foyster) Lulled by the convenience of supermarket shopping, most of us have become disconnected from where and how our food is grown. As the nation prepares to pig out over the Christmas holidays, we investigate the origins of what’s on our dinner plates.



Yoga for the blokes

Blokes can sometimes feel a little left out in talk about yoga, because women do seem to love getting on their mats, and classes can be a little lady-centric. But we have a lot of men in our classes here at MmYoga, so we thought we'd dedicate an infographic to yoga blokey-ness.

How to have happy knees (in yoga and in life)

I want to teach you how to use your feet. So yes, this post is about knees. Promise. But happy feet equal happy knees. Our knees work in collaboration with our feet and pelvis to keep us upright.

How to boost your immunity this Winter (plus a giveaway)

Winter is coming... (Okay, maybe it's already here) And with it the cold and flu season. Ick. But yoga can help give your immune system a little extra ammunition against the dreaded lurgy in the colder months. We made a little infographic to show you how.


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