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The Magical Creatures Taking Over Your Instagram Feed

WEBSTER, N.Y.—If you even glanced on an Instagram feed in 2017, there is no doubt you would find something unicorn-related. With an overwhelming 7.1 million posts on Instagram using the hashtag “Unicorn”, the world’s obsession is seen. Similarly, Google searches are not excluded from the hype, peaking in between the months of February and January.

Freshman Year

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Hate Crime Laws Are Necessary

WEBSTER, N.Y.—In 2015 the FBI reported 257 anti-muslim hate crimes, which is a 67% increase from the year before (USA Today). Whether or not hate crimes should be illegal has been a heated debate since as long as our young country can remember. This issue of hate crimes is being debated yet again as terrorist attacks by ISIS increase. The first amendment states that everyone is the United States is reward freedom of speech and religion. This gives people the freedom of speech so no single...

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Matthew Warren

WEBSTER N.Y.—Matthew Warren, of Le Roy, is a chorus and general music teacher, known for his elective, Music Plugged In. He attended the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, receiving a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Master of Music in Music Education. Warren has been teaching twelve years, all in the Webster District.

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Teenage Body Image: A Photo Essay

Body image is something that teenagers struggle with everyday. More than 90% of teenagers have a desire to change their physical appearances. 90% of young girls are more scared of gaining weight than nuclear war or cancer. Most of these phobias extend from disorders such as body dysmorphia, anorexia, or bulimia. They cause you to obsess about your physical appearance, and to take extreme measures to fix this flaw. The solution to this problem can be found through therapy and certain...

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Franzie Weldgen: A Life Lived Through Art

WEBSTER, N.Y.—Franzie Weldgen, 45, of Webster New York, is an Associate Professor in the Fine Arts Department at Monroe Community College. He has also taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Arizona. Weldgen teaches what he considers to be one of the most important inventions in human history, “Art has gone back centuries in history. Politically, socially, without art a lot of things that we have today and situations just wouldn’t be around. This is a major part...

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Dave Klehr: Education Through Relationships

Dave Klehr is the English teacher for the GOAL department in the Webster Central School District. He was born in Webster and attended Thomas High School. He majored in English at SUNY Geneseo for his undergraduate degree, and Florida State University for his masters. In high school he ran indoor track and aspired to be a journalist, before realizing in his junior year of college that teaching was his true passion. He was employed at Spry Middle School for 14 years before coming to work at...

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Starbucks Boosts Sales With Novelty Limited Edition Drinks

WEBSTER, N.Y.—Ever since Starbucks first opened its doors in 1971, it has been a popular cafe . With 87,000 different drink combinations, and 8,070,428 of those selling every day, America’s obsession is no wonder. After 1992, the amount of Starbucks’ cafes increased exponentially, displaying its increasing prevalence.

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