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Sophia Savva

Freelance Writer and Journalist

Location icon Canada

The first words I ever spoke were "pen" and "paper."

After a lucrative career selling my stories and screenplays to my friends and family for quarters throughout my youth, I am now a seasoned writer, editor, and content creator with eight years of experience in the journalism and media industries, with bylines for CBC's Canada Writes, Points in Case, carte blanche, Her Campus, The Distanziner, The Varsity, The Strand, and more. I’ve written articles on everything from the longevity of the ghost story to the psychology of the Buzzfeed quiz to the future and the past of social media.

I graduated with High Distinction and Dean’s List Scholar status from the University of Toronto with a double major in English and Book & Media Studies. When I wasn’t writing, editing, or researching for an essay, I was writing, editing, or researching for a newspaper, magazine, or project.

I was Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UToronto, a Staff Writer and Lead Copyeditor at The Varsity, and the Poetry Editor of the Hart House Review, where I established a reputation for having razor-sharp attention to detail, excellent judgement, and publishing honest, exciting, error-free content.

My years of experience in digital marketing and copywriting has given me a valuable edge: I have a deep insight and intuition for audience data and help brands find the perfect words to get more leads, engage audiences, and drive traffic, whether it be through blog posts, emails, SEO copywriting, or social media posts.

I’ve worked as a Blogger, Communications Officer, and Social Media Manager, where I helped businesses inform and captivate their target audiences and consumers by producing clean, savvy, and engaging copy, even under tight deadlines. I craft social media content in voices ranging from witty to earnest and succinctly write content on a diverse range of topics, including global affairs and mental health.

When I’m not reading or writing, I like painting, playing the piano, cooking, and crafting the perfect Spotify playlist. I’m currently based in Tokyo, Japan

Recent/notable articles listed below:

Living with Myself - Sophia Savva - Social Distanziner

How I overcame my fear of being alone while quarantining in Japan It's spring in Tokyo and I've been quarantining alone in my small apartment (a mere 8.6 tatami mats) for two months with only my stack of toilet paper and stash of uniquely flavoured Horoyoi for company.

The Varsity
What are U of T's policies on student-professor relationships?

The debate around student-professor relationships was recently reopened in Canada in the wake of an alleged sexual assault of a former University of British Columbia (UBC) student by her professor, author and former UBC creative writing chair Steven Galloway. Galloway admitted to having an affair with the student, though he denied sexually assaulting her.

carte blanche
Eidolons - carte blanche

Static sputtered and cracked across the fishbowl screen. A pixelated talk show flickered over and over again behind thick grey waves. A Spiderman comic was twisted in the covers of my bed. I went to bed with it every night but didn't read it. My mother blasted the radio so loud the walls shook.

The Varsity Magazine
The web: a museum of our everyday lives

Whenever I make a post on social media, I wonder who it will reach - not just in the present, but in the future. Hundreds of years from now, will a researcher studying a hashtag on Instagram labelled 'dog' meticulously analyze the editing choices I made for a photo of my dog?

The Varsity
Identity in the age of the Buzzfeed quiz

Hypertabs is The Varsity's online features subsection about all things internet. Our goal is to explore the depths of the online world and understand how it shapes our habits and affects our communities. It's rare to see a social media bio that does not contain some reference to a zodiac sign, a Myers-Briggs type, or a Hogwarts House.

The Varsity
What can we learn from ghosts?

It's nearing the end of the 1850s, and construction workers are bustling to finish building University College. Among them are stonemasons Paul Diabolos and Ivan Reznikoff. Diabolos is waif-like and ambivalent, while Reznikoff is hulking and surly. Diabolos finds Reznikoff's face so monstrous that he carves a gargoyle in his image next to a chimney near Croft Chapter House.

The Varsity
Campus publications denounce white supremacy in wake of Charlottesville

On August 15, The Gargoyle made a Facebook post in response to the conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia a few days earlier, denouncing Nazism and white supremacy and calling on campus publications The Varsity, Toike Oike, The Mike, Salterrae, and The Strand to do the same.

The Varsity
Modern art according to 'uoftdrizzy'

BY NOW you've probably seen 'uoftdrizzy' on Instagram, but starting May 1, you'll get to see the locally-viral Instagram account as a public art installation for the twentieth anniversary of the Contact Photography Festival, one of the world's biggest photography events. The account uoftdrizzy rose to Instagram fame through its edited photographs, which depict Drake as a UTSC student.

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