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I inspire and coach mums to have a fantastic career after maternity leave. So I write a lot about maternity leave, career, parenting, and starting a new business.


Mums and Work

The Mummy Track - A Man-Made Trap

Posted: Women who are successful in their careers and who have or want to have a family, are understandably afraid of being shoved onto the 'Mummy Track'. For anyone who hasn't heard of the term, it describes the plateauing career trajectory of a woman once she becomes a mother.

Why I've Stopped Calling Myself a Mumpreneur

Posted: Mumpreneur is a term that divides opinion. There are some that proudly declare it as their profession, in their brand name, and in their marketing. There are others who would never use it because they fundamentally disagree with the term itself and what it represents. Until recently I was in a third camp.

Why 'work are lucky to have you' - Maternity Leavers

I was reading this article on the Telegraph the other day - the first of a new column by Anna White - and there were a few things that struck me about it. Firstly I identified with the really odd (and sometimes excruciatingly uncomfortable) questions you get asked as a twin mum.

How Leaving My Job Was Similar to Leaving My Husband

This sounds like a flippant statement but it's not meant to be. Leaving my job to go self employed, and leaving my husband to go it alone as a single parent, were both incredibly important and emotional times in my life. Times filled with fear, doubt...

Why Maternity Leave Was the Perfect Time to Quit My Job

For 4 weeks I had no job to go to or even think about; and no babies yet. For the first time, probably since I was at university, I was completely free to do what I wanted for days on end. Of course, what I wanted most of all was to sit on the sofa l...

Pick of the Best Podcasts

MLI 1: Vicki Knights - Family Lifestyle Photographer - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download It's the first ever episode of the Maternity Leavers Interviews podcast! We kick off with an interview with Vicki of Vicki Knights Photography and learn about how and why she came to start her own photography business.

MLI 6: Lotte Lane - Writer, Awesomiser & Chronic Over-Sharer - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Episode 6 features an interview with Lotte Lane. Lotte is a writer and blogger... but so much more. She shares her (perhaps unconventional) route to pregnancy and job quitting followed by her journey through several projects to where her business is now - a brutally honest blogger and awesomiser of other people's content.

MLI 8: Kelly Pietrangeli - Project Me - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Episode 8 features Kelly Pietrangeli (listen to the introduction to hear my wonderful pronunciation) and Kelly calls herself a 'Mama Motivator'. Her latest business My Project Me is all about making mums happy - helping us look at our life in an objective way and seeing where we can balance certain areas better.

MLI 12: Natalie Garay - The Pilates Mama - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I talk to Natalie Garay in episode 12 - 'The Pilates Mama'. She does online pilates classes for mums and is a specialist in c-section and pelvic floor rehabilitation. She got into pilates after two months of bedrest during pregnancy with her twins and a c-section left her needing to strengthen and improve her body.

MLI 17: Maggie Patterson - Communications Strategist - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Maggie Patterson was an Account Director in a PR agency before going freelance 9 years ago whilst on maternity leave. She now works with mainly small businesses on their copywriting, content, and communications strategies; and hosts the Marketing Moxie podcast.

MLI 18: Dr Karen Osburn - Mom at 41 - Maternity Leavers

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dr Karen Osburn is a chiropractor, along with her husband, and together they run a successful practice in her hometown in Alberta, Canada. She became a mom nearly 4 years ago - when she was 41 - after adopting her first son.


Finding the Strength to Leave: Run Toward, Not Away

"You don't need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding." ~Guy Finley It was 11PM on a Monday night and yet again I was chatting online with my friend about the woes of my failing marriage. "I just need a knight in shining armour to take me away from all of this," I said.

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