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Sonja Hodgen

Creative Content Producer

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Creative marketing content including video for all stages of the customer journey, web landing pages, banners and emails.

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Building your video content strategy

Cisco predicts that by 2022 video traffic will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic. With video clearly on the fast track to becoming king of content, it's important to ensure that it is well represented on your content marketing plan.

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One Petabit Per Second: Simply Amazing | Tektronix

"One of the challenges that we face when we are working on multimode telecommunications is that whereas in standard single mode fibers you only have two degenerate states, which you have to disentangle in a second treatment, in multimode fibers we have at least four degenerate states," said Anderston.

Tektronix test and measurement equipment includes industry-leading oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power sources and supplies, signal generators, multimeters, probes and leads, and accessories.

Choose Tek Scopes | Tektronix

Built for Generations Discover legendary reliability and accuracy with the performance to do the job right. Our Braintrust The technology and expertise we put into every Tek Scope is what makes them top performers in their class. The sam...

TekOneMillion | Tektronix

Every EngineerHas A Scope Story Share your #TekScopeStory and be part of the #TekOneMillion. With the sale of our millionth scope based on the TDS2 platform, we're celebrating the millions of engineers using Tek scopes and the amazing things you�...

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