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Sofia Lewis

Freelance Writer and Translator

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance writer, translator and Italian and Spanish Graduate (1st Class Hons) from University of Bristol.

Interested in inequality, social mobility and the future of work.

What it's like to be a recent graduate during the coronavirus pandemic

"Stood in my mortarboard hat, my heart was swelling with pride. It's true what they say about graduation feeling like a rollercoaster of emotions: after months spent slogging away, I finally had something to show for all my hard work, before being plunged into adulthood.

What will going back to work look like post-coronavirus lockdown?

From social lives to shopping habits, coronavirus has essentially impacted every aspect of our lives. But perhaps the biggest adjustment of all has been the way we work. When the UK's lockdown measures were first introduced on March 23, the nation was told they must work from home where possible.

Freelance Corner
Why now is the time for recent grads to start freelancing

Sofia Lewis became a freelancer not long after graduating, and shares her tips about why now may be the best time to consider a freelance career. Go to university, get a degree, find a good entry-level job. It's a path that most grads, including myself, have long felt compelled to follow.

What will weddings look like in a post-coronavirus lockdown world?

It was supposed to be the most magical day of their lives. Months of planning every little detail - the flowers, the candles, the dress - all leading up to the special occasion. Carefully curated Pinterest boards; hand-picked canapes and, well, thousands of pounds, all part of The Big Day™.

Drag Race proves that subtitling needs a makeover | VoiceBox

From misinterpreting drag terminology to butchering the UK's regional accents, Drag Race proves that the subtitling industry is in desperate need of a makeover. This year, RuPaul's Drag Race celebrated its 10th anniversary. Back in 2009, few could have predicted the show's stratospheric global success - but its evolution from cult favourite to cultural phenomenon has defined the past decade.

galesa on tour
Flights and Films

After 4 months of working in ufficio, it was incredible to see the 28th edition of Trieste Film Festival finally come together. Apart from a few panicked phone calls asking me to administer some emergency translation, the (very welcome) arrival of fifty new volunteers for the duration of the Festival meant I was able to take a bit of a back...

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