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Sofia Lewis

Freelance Writer and Translator

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Freelance writer, translator and Italian and Spanish Graduate (1st Class Hons) from University of Bristol.

Please find below a small sample of my journalistic, content marketing and copywriting pieces.

The Official Site for Mywalit Bags, Wallets and Accessories | MYWALIT UK
5 must-visit European destinations inspired by fall

Summer dresses swapped for sweaters. Post-work cocktails al fresco traded for Netflix marathons curled up on the sofa. Invites to October parties with an obligatory fancy-dress theme slowly piling up in your inbox... You've guessed it: Autumn has well and truly arrived.

Wolfestone Translation
The comeback of offline marketing - are you missing out? | Wolfestone Translation

57% of the global population (or 4.39 billion people) are internet users- a colossal number that's only expected to grow each year. It's no surprise, then, that when the Digital Marketing Institute produced a report on some of the world's most influential brands, they found that 95% of those organisations have increased their digital marketing budget in recent years, and 9 in 10 marketers expect their digital marketing budget to continue to grow by 2020.

Butera 28 Apartments
Best Street Food Tour for a Taste of True Palermo | Butera 28 Apartments

A year has passed since Palermo was inaugurated as Italian Capital of Culture 2018 and played host to Manifesta 12, the internationally-acclaimed contemporary art festival ­- and yet the influx of visitors, continuously i nspired by the plethora of cultural events and activities Palermo has to offer, has showed no signs of dwindling.

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How international fashion brand Zara became a localisation leader | Wolfestone Translation

Fashion is an inherently global industry. From Milan to Paris to Tokyo, trends can transcend borders - and luxury international fashion brands have always been the pioneers of global fashion movements. But the rise of fast fashion culture (meaning cheap, rapidly-produced clothing that meets global demand for acquiring the latest looks) has made it easier and more accessible than ever for style-savvy shoppers to keep up with new trends.

galesa on tour
Flights and Films

After 4 months of working in ufficio, it was incredible to see the 28th edition of Trieste Film Festival finally come together. Apart from a few panicked phone calls asking me to administer some emergency translation, the (very welcome) arrival of fifty new volunteers for the duration of the Festival meant I was able to take a bit of a back...

The Magic of Voice Over Unwrapped | VoiceBox

The jingle of sleigh bells. Deep, jolly, Father Christmas-character belly laughs. Choruses of Christmas carolers. That reassuring, cosy crackle of a slow-burning fireplace. Michael Bublé's 19 th radio play of the day... Yep, it's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas! You simply can't mistake the sound of Christmas.

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3 top international customer service tips | Wolfestone Translation

Building an international client base can be a daunting prospect for any company. Luckily, the Internet has made it easier than ever to source and reach out to potential customers - whether that's through an international email marketing campaign, targeted ads or a free webinar - wherever they are in the world.

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How Twitter is changing the way we use language | Wolfestone Translation

The world of social media companies is an increasingly cut-throat one. Over the last fifteen years, we witnessed the incredible rise and fall of pioneering social networking platforms like MySpace and Bebo, the former of which went from being the most visited social network between 2005 and 2008, to being on the receiving end of countless articles entitled: "Is MySpace Dead?

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What to expect from the Dubai Expo 2020 | Wolfestone Translation

Will it be a welcome departure from the controversial Milan Expo 2015 which, amongst its many PR disasters, was accused of grossly underpaying its translators, or just more of the same? The World Expo has always been one of the most anticipated events on the international calendar.

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