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Music, Lifestyle, Travel and Environmental Journalist and Editor.

Firm advocate for the growth of the local music scene and assisting in pairing sustainability and travel with my music work.



Texx and The City
Ann Jangle: A rebel in her own right

With a solo EP on the horizon, Jangle talks her new dynamic duo, stagnant relationships and embracing a softer side of music. It's a salty, sunny morning when I roll up outside Ann Jangle's Muizenberg home.

Texx and The City
Wild Spirit Festival of Friends: AfrikaGrow 2017

A clandestine five-day New Years celebration in the heart of the Garden Route. Wild Spirit Backpackers, tucked a stones' throw from Natures Valley, is a quiet little paradise perched atop a plateau.

Texx and The City
The Highs & Lows of Glastonbury 2017

A festival where you're forced to take the good with the bad. Glastonbury Festival is over - the ribbon tower dismantled as I write, the Pyramid stage's luminescence extinguished. I'm decompressing slowly, gathering my wits to reflect after a weekend of pure musical binging.

Texx and The City
Mark Lanegan: The Growling Godfather Of Grunge

Lanegan talks dream collaborations, lyrical qaulity, and a prospective South African tour at Glastonbury. With a career spanning over thirty years Mark Lanegan is a serial-collaborator, solo artist extraordinaire and grunge legend all rolled into one - a living ode to the rasping, whisky-dipped '80's.

Texx and The City
In Review: Fat Freddy's Drop at Trafalgar Park

Groovy reggae-roots leave a windswept Cape Town blown away. It's 7:30pm and the palm trees along Beach Road are practically bent double. It's half an hour until the gates open for New Zealand legends Fat Freddy's Drop and I'm bundled into a car, eyeing the weather warily. I need not have worried.

The Fuss
Retro Dizzy - Just Relax - The Fuss

by Skye Mallac Psych Night forms the pivotal point around which the Cape Town rock scenes revolves - and although something of an exclusive and close-knit group when it comes to local talent, it took little time for Retro Dizzy to infiltrate their ranks.


Big City Life Magazine
Making the perfect Glühwein

Upon bustling into a warm restaurant on a chilly night, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a roaring fireplace and Glühwein on the specials menu. The delicious German-Austrian winter brew is served piping hot and steeped in spices; the perfect combination to take the edge off a frosty evening.

Big City Life Magazine
Honestly It's Chocolate In The Cape Big City

You may miss it if you aren't looking, but the whiff of fresh hot chocolate should stop you in your tracks. That's their signature drink which is brewing: you can get it tall and milky or short and dark, with a dash of Mexican spice or Christmas orange if you're feeling daring.

Big City Life Magazine
Décor on a budget

A change of season almost always calls for a little revamp around the home. Unfortunately this change of season doesn't necessarily mean a change in your finances and redecorating can be painfully expensive, particularly if you're as picky as I am about your home environment.


7 Steps to Traveling with a Light Impact

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Nomadic Musings
Grenada: The Transkei of the Caribbean

If you leave Lance Aux Epines and head somewhat north, along moist, meandering rough tar roads, vaguely in the direction of Concord Falls, you will find a kombi graveyard. Yes. There, on the right, just before you navigate the bend. A scattering of taxies: rusting, collapsing, bound in vines as though the jungle has begun...

Nomadic Musings

Bristol wears Doc Martins and swears a lot and has a beating heart of gold. I fell in love with Bristol mere minutes after my bus rolled into the city centre. I fell in love with Banksy the next day, and a beautiful busker who smiled at me with a trumpet balanced on his...

Big City Life Magazine
First Thursdays in Cape Town

A Night Out For the Art Aesthetes The sun has just sunk behind the mountain, but town is already bustling. Armed with the detailed paper map which outlines just what is on offer and where, I head to my first destination: Doodle Night at Friends of Design.

Creative Work

Nomadic Musings

The year I turned twenty I stepped with half-calculated abandon from the carefully carved pocket of homeland connection I had made for myself. I hammered my debit card details into worn laptop keys and watched five digit figures disappear from my bank account and a ticket to the stars appear in my inbox.

Elephant Journal
Fall in Love with a Traveler.

get elephant's newsletter Fall in love with a traveler. Fall in love with a wild, unharnessed, vagabond spirit, passing through this place and time only briefly. Don't let the inevitable parting of ways hold you back. If anything, let it fuel your love for him.

Sustainability and Environmental

Nomadic Musings

It is an unusually hot morning for early May, and we are clustered on the western side of the half-complete, skeletal structure of Heartland's new school building and community center. At our feet is a fluffy heap of barley straw, to our right is a halved, recycled water tank, awash in a deliciously smooth clay...

Texx and The City
In Review: Platbos Reforest Festival 2017

A picturesque weekend in the Platbos forest yielded 5500 trees planted by hundreds of eager hands. "More traffic?" There's a collective groan. We're edging out of Sir Lowry's pass and yet another snaking queue of cars has manifested before us.

Texx and The City
Rocking The Daisies: Play Hard, Tread Lightly Part 1

South Africa's biggest music festival is Green and we shouldn't forget it. There is a tendency to overlook the big picture when an event grows to the magnitude of Rocking the Daisies. In its eleventh year running now, with an expected 25 000 capacity in October this year, Daisies is one of the best and most anticipated festivals in the country.

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