Stephanie Kontopanos

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took 21st Century Journalism to prepare for newspaper, and possibly a future in journalism.
I learned about the importance of honesty in Journalism, as well as what I enjoy and don't enjoy regarding journalism.
I will take this into consideration when deciding on a future career, even if it's not in journalism.
This year, I enjoyed learning about design and writing original stories. I didn't enjoy photojournalism or multimedia projects.
Next year, it would be great to do more activities involving groups and to have more interactive lessons.


journalism basics

Journalism Basics
AP Style Quiz

AP Style Quiz: These weren't the most interesting assignments. However, it was really helpful to learn different things about writing in journalism. Newsworthiness: I enjoyed reading about current events to find examples for this assignment. Besides that, it's really helpful to understand what makes a story appealing.

Journalism Basics
Shattered Glass

Law&Ethnics: I didn't really enjoy this assignment as much as I enjoyed others. Some scenarios were interesting, and applying the learning to real-life situations was very helpful. Shattered Glass: I really enjoyed the movie. It was really interesting and helped emphasize the importance of honesty in journalism for me. First Amendment: I didn't really enjoy this assignment because it was just research. However, I feel more informed about the First Amendment and how it relates to journalism.



Hacker Story: Because this was my first story, it was a little daunting. However, it was more enjoyable and informative because I enjoy writing. Leads: This assignment was quite easy, and very helpful. After writing leads based on different parts of the story, it was easy to see which kind of lead I preferred. Using Quotes: This assignment taught me a lot about how to use quotes. I think that by using quotes in an actual story it really helped me improve my writing skills. Headlines: After...

News Story & Design

News Story & Design: I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it was because I focused on an idea rather than a person's story. It was also really exciting because it was the first actual story I wrote.

1 in 1600 Story & Design

1 in 1600 Story & Design: This assignment was quite difficult because it was hard to obtain pictures. However, I really enjoyed the writing part and I feel more confident in my caption-writing abilities.


Pancake Perfection

Pancake Perfection: This assignment seemed simple at first, but turned out to be more complex, especially since it was the first story I did. I really enjoyed it cause I'm good at following steps to complete something.

Dissecting Design & Typography

Pathfinder: Although this assignment was just replicating ships, the interesting shapes made it more enjoyable. While figuring out the program, I also managing to explore some other capabilities of the program, which was really helpful Dissecting Design and Typography: This assignment provided me with really good information and I learned other things along the way. As I was researching fonts, I also skimmed over old newspaper editions, which was helped me understand other aspects of...


Infographic: I really liked this assignment because we used statistics, but we could also be creative when designing. I also learned more as I was trying to create the infographic I had in mind.


iPhone Photo Shoot

iPhone Photo Shoot: This assignment was really helpful because I didn't really know how to write photo captions before completing it. It also helped me realize how I see a lot of the photo tactics we learned in professional photos.