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Writer. Editor. Oreo Enthusiast

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Currently Senior Director at Chloe + Isabel. Previously at ModCloth. Specializing in editorial, branding + e-commerce marketing. Once tried out for the Olympics.

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Best Job Ever: Kari Byron, Mythbuster -

Kari Byron kicks butt. From shooting machine guns to rolling giant balls of Legos down the street, she keeps us entertained and educated each week on Mythbusters, Discovery Channel's show that puts common - and not so common - lore to the test.

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Motivated. Results-oriented. Jobless.

Last month's unemployment figures contained a ray of hope for recent college grads: their jobless rate of 4.7% was half of what people with only high school degrees experienced. Still, that's small comfort to commentator and new graduate Sarah Klenakis.

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Fashion in Film: A League of Their Own -

There's only one thing more exciting to a New England girl than authentic clam chowder, and that's when the Red Sox take to the field on Opening Day. Though I'm far away from my hometown team, there is one way for me to combine my love of baseball with my day job, and that's by reflecting on one of the best sports movies of all-time --A League of Their Own.

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Size of the Times: What We've Been Working On -

There are scores of old school beliefs about plus size that still exist in the fashion industry, and we couldn't disagree with them more. As part of our 'Size of the Times' series, here's the latest update on how we're getting ready to take on the industry.