Nicholas Wyman

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Job Skills & Training in the 21st-Century Workplace.



Change This - The Power of Apprenticeship

"There is a huge shift happening in the United States right now: a return to the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship. ... Modern apprenticeships have countless advantages...

Academic Papers

World Economic Forum

Manufacturing Our Future.

INNAP: Seventh Research Conferance for Innovative Apprenticeship

INNAP 2017 Conferance on Modern Apprenticeships

Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization Volume 9 | Issue 1-2 | Winter-Spring 2014 p.113-123

MIT Press Journals

How Apprenticeships Build and Sustain Skills-Based Careers (Innovations Case Narrative: The Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation)

Low Carbon Earth Summit Dalian China

Green Jobs for a Green Future – Transition to a low Carbon Economy

Possible policy measures are dependent on the economic framework of their country. A simple framework is proposed in which countries are placed in a two-dimensional space. One...

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