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Job Skills & Training in the 21st-Century Workplace.




Apprenticeships can be the key to Trump's promise to create millions of new American jobs

At the recent White House roundtable discussion on vocational education attended by president Trump and German chancellor Angela Merkel, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of...


Time to skill up, America!

With the U.S. economy and job market feeling the forces of globalization and the ever-increasing pace of technological change, the key to the nation's economic success in the...


The School-To-Work Transition Is Broken: Here's Who's Fixing It

The U.S. unemployment rate in November 2015 was 5.0%, down from a high of 10% in October 2009. Among young people, however, unemployment is significantly higher: just under 16%...


What Is The One Thing That Can Strengthen America's Economic Armor?

In May 2015, automaker Volvo finalized a deal that will move most of its North American production to South Carolina, where its new plant should be operational in 2018,...


Hiring Is On The Rise, But Are College Grads Prepared For The World Of Work?

McGraw-Hill Education's (MHE) survey on readying college graduates for the workforce is hot off the press. With the school year just around the corner, a new crop of graduates...


A Career Pathway To Educational And Employment Success

New and emerging technologies are redefining the nature of work and job skills at a pace that demands, likewise, a transformation in education. Sixty-five percent of children...


Building The Case For Skill-Based Education

Although it has been several years since the global financial meltdown of 2008 - which saw stock markets throughout the world crash and hundreds of thousands of people lose...


21st Century Education - For A 21st Century Economy

Work based skills are changing as more and more jobs are displaced by digital technologies. Software, apps and online technology has already had an impact on many professions.


America's Got Talent - Trump's Spotlight On Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are getting a lot of press in the past few days as something of a cure-all for America's economic woes. Skills shortages are stifling our economy, particularly...


Why 5 Million Apprenticeships Will Make America Great Again

Most observers today credit Germany's vibrant manufacturing sector and low youth unemployment rate to the robust skills of its work force. At a roundtable in Washington D.C.,...


Sampling The World Of Work In A Four-Hour Adventure

What type of work would I be good at-or truly enjoy doing? Sadly many people graduate high school with no marketable skills, no experience and no plans. Read about one...


College Grads: What No One Is Telling You About Getting Hired

Looking for some practical Job-seeking advice you haven't heard before ? Recruiters spend less than five minutes scanning CVs so to standout, highlight your skills relating to...


Firefighting Goes Beyond Extinguishing Flames: Inside The Admirable Vocation

Firefighters. They are different than the rest of us. While others run away from a burning building, they race toward it. They hold the line against raging wild fires, pull...


Made In America: $75 Million Grant Helps Students Gain Technical Skills Employers Need

When you back up a commitment with $75 million, people tend to pay attention. I'm certainly paying attention to New Skills for Youth (NSFY), the $75 million grant initiative...


3 Ways The Skills Gap Offers Opportunity

America has been sold on the myth that a four-year degree is the only ticket to a solid future. But in reality, this idea that everyone should pursue a college degree has fueled...


To Put Americans Back To Work, The Trump Administration Must Embrace Apprenticeships

Why do companies struggle to find the right talent, despite the fact that we have never been better educated as a society? It all points to a major mismatch between the skills...


Winning Combination: How Technology And Skills Are Taking Up The Fight Against Cancer

We live in the age of technological change. Advances in medical technology give hope each year to millions of people affected by cancer. On a recent trip to Palo Alto...


America's Students Take Flight: How Innovative Education Is Curing The Pilot Shortage

Children see glinting planes in the sky and dream of being there, high above the earth, free to travel to distant places. Most of us discard this dream with childhood, however,...


Why Investing In Apprenticeship Makes Good Dollars And Sense

In a highly polarized election cycle, it is hard to find a topic on which presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree. But there is at least one area of...