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Shraddha Uchil

Senior features writer at Lonely Planet Magazine India

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Food, travel, culture, lifestyle.
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Lonely Planet Magazine India
Finding the best seafood in Mumbai

The Arabian Sea is rarely far away, and, because of this, the people who’ve inhabited the city have always shared an intimate relationship with it.

Lonely Planet Magazine India
Thanjavur's fading glory

This historic town in Tamil Nadu is filled with culture and beautiful art. But, how much longer will it all survive?

Lonely Planet Magazine India
Living a farmer's life

Farm of Happiness, a rustic homestay embedded deep in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri District, aims to be more than just a getaway for seekers of solitude.

BBC Good Food India
Is eating butter finally fashionable?

Culinary hero or silent killer? Decades into the debate, the jury’s still out on the nutritional status of butter

dna India
Honey, I trashed my wedding dress!

Brides are destroying their wedding dresses and posing for risqué bedroom shoots in an attempt to create memorable wedding photographs

Lonely Planet Magazine India
Food trail through Kodaikanal

Although you’re in the heart of South India, some of the best cuisine to be found in this hill station isn’t even native to the region. Far from it, in fact.

dna India
Beating the Indian summer

From the Bengali macher jhol to the Sindhi mattho, each community has its own way to beat the heat. A look at some culinary antidotes to cope with the blistering Indian summer

dna India
What's for supper?

The Western concept of supper clubs or underground restaurants is quickly finding its way into the hearts (and stomachs) of Indians

dna India
Pushing the envelope

More and more couples are breaking away from traditional wedding cards and getting fun and quirky invites that reflect their personalities and tell the story of their romance

dna India
Flea markets go chic!

Traditional flea markets are undergoing a radical makeover into curated, pop-up events offering indie brands and a festive atmosphere

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