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Ars Technica UK

Ukrainian startup XE claims to have solved long-range wireless charging

Wireless chargers using standards like Qi have been on the market for a while; IKEA even includes them in some of its furniture these days. But if you think about it, there's...

The Next Web

The pros and cons of investing in emerging startup ecosystems

Emerging markets have been a hot topic (or a buzzword) among VC funds and angel investors alike over the last few years. Although the geographical meaning of this phrase changes...

The Next Web

Dublin Attracts Events And Startups From Overseas

In the discussions regarding European startup landscape, people usually mention cities like London and Berlin as the main hubs powering the ecosystem of the region. As a result,...

The Next Web

Crowdfunding for hype isn't bad, it adds new Kickstarter users

In just a few years, crowdfunding has found a firm place in the tech industry, with many companies launching campaigns to fund their products. Current Kickstarter stats tell us...

The Next Web

The future of media monetization: Cryptocurrencies and micropayments

Monetization of content projects, be it a newspaper or online-only news publication, is a pain these days. When we saw massive newspapers dying, everyone around seemed to be...

The Next Web

Engineers meet artists: Startups in Bristol and Bath

While London is undoubtedly the center of gravity in the British startup and venture ecosystem, there's plenty of no less fascinating things going on outside the M25 motorway. A...

The Next Web

From co-founder to ousted CEO of 500px

Started in the early 2000s as a community on the LiveJournal blogging platform, 500px has become one of the most popular places in the internet to store professional and amateur...

Kyiv Post

Women underpaid, minority in Ukraine tech industry

A woman's role and performance in the world of technology has been a hot topic for many years, and was revisited on Oct. 9 when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made some...

Stanfy Blog

6 Anti-tips for Mobile UI Designer, or How to Make a Perfectly Awful App

Bad mobile apps are everywhere. We bet every single user have seen a bunch of those, and still remembers the amazingly terrible experience they offered. If you'd like to join...


“Creativity trumps experience” — Prezi CEO Peter Arvai on storytelling, science and success

Online zooming presentation software maker Prezi - based in Budapest and San Francisco - recently announced important new numbers: 29 million users, and is projected to have 36...

Stanfy Blog

Apps vs Browser In Mobile News Consumption

Over the past five to ten years, minor and major news outlets all around the world have become very aware first of the possibilities of the Web, and then — the possibilities of...

The Next Web

Blablacar Sizes Up a City-to-City Ridesharing Empire

A significant trend in all parts of the modern world over the past few years, 'the sharing economy' has become a concept that disrupted quite a few major industries, including...

Stanfy Blog

Unobtrusive Salesman, or The Age of Beacons

A bit more than a year ago, in June 2013, a slide was shown at the keynote at Apple's WWDC conference mentioning a word that few people had heard before, iBeacons. In the...

Kyiv Post

New head of Microsoft Ukraine believes in selling cloud solutions, wants to fight piracy

In the aftermath of the EuroMaidan Revolution that toppled Victor Yanukovych as president, Ukrainian politics saw quite a few people with business backgrounds enter government...

The Next Web

With More Than 2,500 Clients, Socialbakers Could Go Public

With social media taking an increasing role in the modern world, social analytics services are seeing a significant boost in demand and, therefore, revenues. A good example is...

Stanfy Blog

Five of the best mobile IDEs for Android

It totally makes sense to install a set of programming tools on your gadget. In today's post, we've put together some of the best IDEs for Android.

Kyiv Post

Sharing economy gains momentum in Ukraine

It's cheaper to share. That's the basis of a trend known as the sharing economy, in which people split costs for traveling, share clothes and economize in other ways. Ukraine's...

The Next Web

Yandex.Browser is a Bold UI Experiment

Russian internet giant Yandex has launched an alpha version of its new Chromium-based browser for Windows and Mac OS X that incorporates a few interesting ideas of how a modern...

Stanfy Blog

10 of the Best Mobile App Prototyping Tools

In the process of iPhone and Android application development, wireframing is extremely important. At the first stage, an initial idea becomes a quick sketch to share with...

The Next Web

Oivo: A Tiny iPhone Charger Powered by AA Batteries

Increasing screen size, RAM, or storage capacity hasn't been a problem for smartphone vendors in recent years, though we can't say the same about battery life, which is often a...