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UniLife: Vol. 2

The second installment of UniLife produced by ANC Education for the students and alumni

Copy Writing

Anaz Ashraff - ANC's Google Student Ambassador

For the first time, Google has introduced their Google Student Ambassador (GSA) Program, in Sri Lanka. Third year student at ANC Education, Anaz Ashraff, was chosen, among a handful of other students from various institutions, to be a Google Student Ambassador where he will serve as a liaison between his university and Google.

MMI Children gain admittance to the best schools in Colombo

Modern Montessori International (MMI) recently celebrated the completion of their students from Kindergarten with a concert and ceremony Graduation, where 34 of their students secured admission to some of the top schools in Colombo.

Blood Donation Camp at ANC

View(s): Nearly a 100 students and staff of ANC generously donated blood at a successful Blood Donation Campaign organized by the students of the Charity Committee, headed by Dimithri Thilakasundaram. The camp took place at the ANC Auditorium on February 20th, 2013 and was conducted by the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) - Sri Lanka.

ANC Parent Night - US Programme

View(s): ANC Education is proud to collaborate with their new partner university John F. Kennedy. ANC recently made the change from partnering with Patten University to John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, California. The university has three schools - Undergraduate Studies, Graduate and Profession Studies, and Law. They also have a Continuing Education division.

"Encore 2012", - A huge success

The students of the Performing Arts Club of ANC Education, headed by Hasaru Weerasinghe, organized a talent show, "Encore 2012", which was inspired by "Encore: The Battle Begins 2011". The event was held at the British School Auditorium on October 20th. The goal behind this event was to provide a platform for all the gifted [...]

Creative Writing

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: For two hours she lay on the bathroom floor, curled up into a ball, balling her eyes out, her heart broken. “How did she let the events of the last 24 hours happen?” Suddenly there was a knock on her apartment door. “Omg! They’ve come for me!” she thought in horror. “What do I do?!”

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: With her legs dangling on the low wall by her gate, six year old Kree sat waiting anxiously for the postman to arrive. He would come bearing her first letter from her first pen pal. The tinkle of his bell sounded as he rounded the corner. Eyes shining with anticipation, she jumped off the wall.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: Bryan Adams’ classic song, “Eighteen til I die”, played on loop on his iPod as he walked to school. He was about to turn eighteen and graduate high school. All his friends were gearing up for college, but he did not have the luxury for such plans. He had his siblings to provide for.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: “Don’t you want to make your parents happy?” asked her mother. “You want me to make you happy?!” she replied incredulously. “I’ll be married, to whoever this guy is, for the rest of my life! Shouldn’t I be happy?! No, mama, you can’t try that line on me and try to make me feel guilty.”

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: Walking along the beach, I thought back to my expedition that was coming to a close, and how glad I was to get back to Chris. Home is where the heart is, after all, and mine is with him. We’d soon be embarking on our own journey together and I was thrilled at the prospect.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: The Gods gathered around the ruins of Olympus. Centuries had passed since they were here, and when Zeus summoned them back, he’d said they had to put their differences aside and work together. Troubled times were upon them and time was short. Hades, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Poseidon, and Ares had a battle to prepare for.

Sri Lankan Stories
"Birth & Death"

From @Shi_dreams: Tense, he paced up and down the hallway, throwing anxious glances at the adjoining room’s closed doors. His mother and father both died tragically in this house and now something monumental was about to take place. Suddenly the piercing cry of a child interrupted his thoughts. Martha opened the doors, and smiled, “It’s a girl!”

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: Sitting on the sidewalk of a popular tourist spot, armed with canvas and paints, he weaved the stories of pain, suffering, joy and happiness into his paintings. He wasn't like the other painters down the street, with every stroke of his brush he could tell the tales of many. He had the gift of storytelling.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: A crack of thunder rolled by and a flash of lightening lit up the sky, as she quickened her pace across the deserted street. She turned up her coat collar as a strong gust of wind swept her hair into her. “Met Department said ‘Rain’ today,” she muttered to herself, “Seems more like a gale.”

Sri Lankan Stories
Fan Fiction

From @Shi_dreams: Margret was panicking. It was half past midnight and she couldn't find Snow White anywhere, and she’d combed the castle. She shuddered at the thought of what the evil Queen would do if she discovered Snow had disobeyed her orders and attended the Prince’s ball. Margret had to find her before it was too late. Inspired by the movie ‘Mirror Mirror’

Sri Lankan Stories
"Forest" : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From @Shi_dreams: The sun was out, but as soon as Joe and the Keeper entered the forest, darkness engulfed them. The forest was alive; reverberating with an aura Joe had never felt before. The Keeper muttered and the tip of his staff glowed, lighting their path, casting shadows as they pushed forward. “Steady,” Joe whispered to himself.

Sri Lankan Stories
"Map" : Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From @ Shi_dreams: “A map, you say?!” excitement gleamed in his eyes. He smelled an adventure. But it won’t be easy, he thought. They’d have to switch dimensions and find The Gamers. If anyone knew anything about the map it would be them. Rumor had it they live across The Bridge, but getting there was the tricky part.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: “He threw sand into his eyes! What does that say about the child?!” she screamed angrily. “It was an accident! He didn't do it on purpose”, he fired back. “Right,” she said rolling her eyes. “D..aadd?” came the voice of a curly haired five year old, eyes wide with fear. The two adults spun around.

Sri Lankan Stories

From Shi_dreams: The orchestra struck up another tune as she walked down the stairs leading to the ballroom, her perfectly coiffed head thrown back and her long dress flowing behind her. Sensing her presence, heads spun around to watch her enter. Her eyes twinkling she smiled, acknowledging their stares and continued her descent holding her observers captive.

Sri Lankan Stories

From @Shi_dreams: She cupped her hands around her mouth as she leaned in to whisper into her friend's ear. They giggled conspiringly and glanced at the little boy sitting in the sandbox across from them. He looked up, and catching their looks quickly bent his head and continued digging his hole wishing he could disappear into it.

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